Poem: Too Long, Living With EDS

Too Long, Living With EDS

Pain in the body, pain in the soul,
doing less, living less,
hurting more places more of the time,
I can’t do much for too long.

Can’t sit too long, can’t stand too long,
can’t lie down, recline, or relax too long.

Can’t cook or clean or wash too long,
can’t run errands or shop too long,
can’t stroll around the block too long.

Can’t write by hand or keyboard strikes,
can’t hold aloft a book to read,
or sit still to watch a movie too long.

Can’t play with dogs or children,
can’t hold them close or hug them,
or let them lean on me too long.

Can’t take a bus, or a train, or a plane,
can’t do the waiting, the standing around,
then the sitting, immobile, trapped
in a hard cruel seat for too long.

Can’t lug around my stuff too long,
not in my arms, not over the shoulder,
not on my back or around my hips.

Can’t stay awake, can’t keep up,
can’t earn a living,
can’t keep going
on like this
for much

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