Task-management with my patients,


Let’s step back and get a bird’s-eye view of the patient and what things we need to consider.

… it’s the big picture that will hopefully help me decide on how to handle my patients. Here’s what I included:

1. Their Situation – What is going on right now? What things are happening of significance? Are they going through a divorce? How old are they? Are they in a job they hate? Do they have insurance?

2. Their Lifestyle – While a situation happens to the person, lifestyle is a choice (by my definition, at least). How does a person want to live?

3. Their state of well-being – This is their perception of their lifestyle and their situation… People with terrible disease can have a good state of being, while healthy people can be living in fear.

4. Level of Understanding – How well do they understand their situation in regard to medical issues and others as well? How open are they to learning new things? Do they actually understand things, or have they convinced themselves that they do?

5. Risk – This takes the overall situation of the patient and looks into the future. Much of medicine is about anticipating risk and reducing it.

6. New Problems – these usually drive the most items in a care plan, as assessing each of the above come into play with a new problem.

7. Intervention (labeled as “treatment”) – All intervention must be weighed, considering all the factors listed above.

8. Chronic Problems – This is the “management” portion of medicine that plays well to a task list, and the one that folks measuring the “quality” of care don’t get beyond…

To see "mind mapping" of the above: http://more-distractible.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Mind-Map.jpeg


Other thoughts?

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