Another infuriating anti-opiate article

Busting Pain Medicine Myths with Andrew Kolodny | Reporting on Health

This is the doctor who started the trouble with his PROP proposal:

Dr. Andrew Kolodny is the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at Phoenix House Foundation in New York. He’s also a go-to source for journalists looking for perspective on the nation’s prescription drug abuse problem. (It makes sense that his job would keep him in high administrative cirlces far above the trenches were the suffering takes place)

Here’s his outrageous view, which he claims to be fact:

By prescribing opioids to chronic pain patients, a treatment that’s unlikely to work and may even worsen pain, the medical community is undertreating pain and failing in its responsibility to ease suffering. And if the pain patient becomes opioid addicted, they’ll be left with a devastating chronic disease that may kill them.

Is it just my experience, or is this nonsense?  You can read my Comment at the bottom and add your own.

This attitude made me so angry, I (perhaps unwisely) let it “all hang out” on Twitter too when I noticed a conversation about this article with three anti-opiate “experts” ganged up on a patient advocate. She was fighting back so bravely that I felt compelled to speak out in her support.  I identified myself as a pain patient (patients are rarely heard from in these articles and Twitter arguments) and stated I would have killed myself without opiates for my pain.  Perhaps a bit too outspoken?

You can see the context in the excerpted conversation at:

(you’ll have to go to the 2nd “page” of the conversation to find my audacious statement)


2 thoughts on “Another infuriating anti-opiate article

  1. teeks55

    I just saw this AFTER I replied to the other post about the new opiate drug…..I, too, feel that “if my pain meds were taken from me they may as well put a gun to my head and pull the trigger” (my comment on the other post). There is no way I could live with the full brunt of this agony on a daily basis for the rest of my life without my pain meds. Who gives a damn if I even do get dependent on it?? If I say it’s okay with me, who else has a vested interest in my well being? The doctor? Why, exactly? I think MY opinion, MY choice should be the deciding factor in whether I get what I need to function and be an active participant in life. As an adult with full understanding of the risks of taking opiates, shouldn’t I have the right to tell them what I need to live?? And if I don’t get what I need, then I not only wouldn’t want to live, but I would not. They can take that however they want to take it. THAT is the truth and if they want to live with my ultimate demise because of their “opinion” that opiates are “bad for me”…..then fine. Go ahead. Remove the only thing that makes life bearable for me. And watch what happens next.

    I applaud you, Zyp, for getting involved in the conversation on Twitter. Bravo for telling it like it is. These jerks talk a big talk, but they have no clue…..if we don’t speak up and defend ourselves, nothing will change. It will only get worse. We have to do what we can to let these people know that our lives are at peril if they remove the drugs from us that keep us going. So good for you. And again, I thank you for your tireless effort to bring all this relevant news to us. I really appreciate it. I have learned so much from your posts.


  2. joynpain2

    I have to agree with Julie. I am so proud that you took a stand against this idiot who happened to be very selective on the research he decided to mention and believe. On the other hand, I believe that we have learned more from you and your research than we ever would have been aware of otherwise. Most doctors don’t just hand this stuff out like candy. They verify necessity and most try other treatments first or consecutively. I would love for them to be able to do a nerve block and rid me of my pain, but it has not worked out that way. If I were to have to come off of my medications without other VIABLE treatments, I believe that I too would probably prefer to end it all instead of living with the constant, never-ending pain that would be left behind. Don’t you just love the way that this man who has never suffered from chronic pain is allowed press time to try to make our decisions for us? Craziness!



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