Hidden Danger of Intraspinal Steroid Injections

*** Update 2/25/2014: the Arachnoiditis Website has been taken down and is currently being replaced with a Facebook page: Arachnoiditis Society for Awareness and Prevention (ASAP)

From the  Arachnoiditis Society for Awareness and Prevention comes a warning about invasive pain management procedures, like epidural injections:  some people develop an inflammatory reaction that becomes chronic.  As the nerve roots become damaged this results in the intractable pain and debilitating symptoms ofArachnoiditis.  The A.S.A.P.’s goals include:

  • To work with legislators and leaders of the healthcare industry to ensure that, prior to any invasive spinal procedure, patients receive comprehensive informed consent information, including the fact that arachnoiditis is a possible outcome.  Only then can patients make truly informed decisions as to their treatment options;
  • To shed light on, and to prevent, the all-too-common coercive pain management practices that require patients to receive invasive epidural steroid injections prior to receiving other forms of pain treatment;

Patient beware!  Before letting someone stick a needle within millimeter of your spinal chord, please consider the possible consequences.  These procedures are extremely lucrative and fully covered by insurance, making them very popular among helathcare providers.  Because they have become a routine treatment for  all kinds of back pain, patients are lulled into believing the risks are minimal.

epidural injection

Yet, considering the tiny space being targeted, and the consequences of even the slightest error, it seems extremely risky.

The details can be found in the following document:  Intraspinal steroids: history, efficacy, accidentality, and controversy with review of United States Food and Drug Administration reports

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