A Different Perspective (on Pain)

A Different Perspective

Once I was healthy, then I was sick.
Once I was strong, now I am weak.
Accumulated damage from a genetic flaw,
weakens the frame, corrupts the structure,
threatens my future and forces me
to see life from a different perspective.

As a patient with invisible pain,
I join the miserable multitudes
long silent, but now a rumbling,
gathers itself in shared stories,
we grieve and struggle together,
against society’s callous indifference.

The disdain, dismissal, and disbelief,
the imperious, inflexible doctors,
the skeptical family members
the disappearing friends,
the daily sleights and insults,
have colluded to keep us invisible.

We’ve been stepped on and stepped over,
stepped around and stepped away from,
ground under the unyielding heel of
an uncaring medical machine.
We’re weary of the futile trudge
through all the supposed solutions…
that aren’t.

We’re disheartened by secretly baffled
doctors who won’t hear us, or just can’t
believe us about our pain, insisting
on confident pronouncements,
addressing old assumptions
of their own reality, not ours.

But science in this new century
is bringing us progress at last
in pretty bright pictures spun
by whirling magnets in giant tubes,
exposing the tight knots and clots
of pain where it hides in the brain.

The invisible made visible
can no longer be denied,
this pictorial proof of our lives
with our nerves aflame, burning
with clear pain now, not the shame
of misdiagnosis and defeat.

By Internet united, we join
in protest, our voice growing stronger,
as passing time delivers more members
into the arms of our suffering tribe,
Supported by numbers and science,
our pain will be legitimized.

Mankind’s relentless progress,
with time brings hope and promise,
when our pain is splashed
in brilliant colors across the screen,
vivid images reveal
a different perspective.

– Angelika B.

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