Chronic Pain Anonymous: 12 Step Support

Chronic Pain Anonymous: 12 Step Support for Chronic Pain and Illness

This website/program tackles the struggle with chronic pain by applying a modified version of the 12-step recovery schema of AA.  While it will obviously not reduce the physical pain itself, this program seeks to aid us in accepting it so we can lessen the emotional burden and get on with our lives.

Chronic Pain Anonymous CPA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others recover from the disabling effects of chronic pain and chronic illness.  We believe that changing attitudes can aid recovery.

They provide an online forum and also call-in meetings.

CPA Declaration : Chronic Pain Anonymous: 12 Step Support for Chronic Pain and Illness

The CPA program of recovery offers new attitudes and ways of thinking. Little by little, through our constant efforts, we discover a different kind of life, in which beneficial habits begin to replace ones that once brought us misery. Our spiritual recovery is accomplished by being open to the experience, strength and hope shared by our friends in the fellowship, through vigorously working the Twelve Steps, and actively engaging in service and receiving the gifts found in concentrating on the happiness of others.

By working the Twelve Steps of Chronic Pain Anonymous our relationship with chronic pain and chronic illness is no longer adversarial.

About the Forum : Chronic Pain Anonymous: 12 Step Support for Chronic Pain and Illness

The Forum provides an online gathering place for CPA discussions and meetings. Anyone can start a new discussion or begin a meeting. In the Forum we address issues that arise as the result of living with our chronic pain and illness, exploring how we can apply the solutions of the Twelve Step recovery program to our lives. CPA is a spiritual program that is based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous.

Sign up and Join the Forum here:

You are also encouraged to start your own meetings if you like and they offer downloads of their brochures for this purpose:

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