Drugstores concerned about DEA’s inconsistency

NACDS to House panel: Transparency key to curbing Rx drug diversion | Drug Store News

The National Association of Chain Drug Stores submitted a written statement…   …urging transparency in how federal agencies conduct enforcement activities to help curb prescription drug diversion and abuse.

In its statement, the Association also emphasized the need for government agencies to work together to address this growing challenge, while ensuring that legitimate patient access to prescription drugs will not be harmed.

The statement also cited pharmacy’s continuous support of the mission and efforts of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Food and Drug Administration.

But NACDS also cited concerns with inconsistency and lack of transparency in DEA’s inspection processes.

Pharmacists are required “to take on diverse and sometimes conflicting roles,” NACDS wrote in its statement. “On the one hand, pharmacists have a strong ethical duty to serve the medical needs of their patients in providing neighborhood care.  On the other hand, community pharmacists are also required to be evaluators of the legitimate medical use of controlled substances.”  

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