Fascia: the most critically ignored part of the body?

Fascia: the most critically ignored part of the body?

We are literally surrounded by fascia. Matrix-like, it wraps around all 600 muscles in the body connecting them to each other and to our bones. A new paper published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapy points out that even the interpretation of fascia is debated.

It has been the most ignored of all the tissues in the body – at least up until recently. Yet, fascia is critical to understanding the body and what it takes to keep your body functional and healthy all life long. Alternative practitioners however are obsessed with the therapeutic possibilities of working on fascia to treat pain, injury, misalignment and to relieve tension.

Fascia can conduct electrical energy, which is the root of the meridian system, [but] people don’t understand the concept of energy medicine. It’s a hotly debated topic.

Wallace Sampson, alternative medicine sceptic and professor emeritus at Stanford University told Gawker’s science site io9:Most scientists, even those wary of alternative therapies, admit that the field of fascia research is a field of neglect, and remains sorely under-investigated. … It does not make intuitive sense but rather makes anatomical sense that the fascia of the body would have some influence of the movement and pain paradigms of the body.”

See also Understanding Your Fascia and Study of connective tissue is shedding light on pain


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