Bike Crash – Cannot blog for a while

I crashed on my bike Friday evening, knocked myself out, got a black eye, and dislocated my shoulder horribly.  Since then, I’ve just been lying on the couch, sleeping most of the time, and waking only briefly. The pain is unreal.

Because doctors are so cruel about pain, I’m afraid to have them reseat my shoulder. They will tell me “this will hurt just a little” and then cause me pain that makes me pray for death. My usual pain meds aren’t even helping with this, so I’m terrified they will hurt me and then leave me like that.

But it’s been three days now and my shoulder seems almost more crooked, so I realize it won’t go back by itself. I have no choice but to let those barbarians at the clinic manhandle my shoulder back into place. I can only hope, they will give me more pain meds to help cope.

Right now we are finally going to the Urgent Care Clinic, which is 23 miles away on a very winding mountain road – I’m not looking forward to the trip. Wish my luck…

6 thoughts on “Bike Crash – Cannot blog for a while

  1. LadyGrateful

    I am so sorry. You do so much for us on here please update when you can and know that I am sending you love and healing energy. Thank you so much for all you do, you are a wonderful woman and I am so grateful for all of your knowledge. Let us know what the doc says.

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  2. Payne Hertz

    So sorry to hear about this…I am thinking motorcycle or bicycle and hoping it’s the latter. You know what you have to do but it is understandable that you are reluctant to do it when you don’t know whether you will get proper pain treatment before, during and after or not. That anyone should have to entertain such fears speaks volumes about our society. I hope all goes well and they treat you with some humanity.

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  3. painkills2

    You are a constant inspiration to those of us who can no longer do things like ride a bike. :) But in the future, perhaps a stationary bike would have a lot less risk.

    Are urgent care clinics even allowed to prescribe pain medications any more? Let us know what happens.

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  4. Nancy

    OH NO! You poor thing. PLEASE have them put it back properly. I am told that “these days” they give you some medication before they do it. I’ve had surgery on both mine (open Bankart with pins), but before that, they gave you NOTHING in the ER before jamming it back in. I’ve heard it’s different & slightly less barbaric now. BUT, I’m with you, about the fear of being treated like crap… Especially because you are already taking pain meds. Your regular regiment won’t help much with this acute pain injury, and they SHOULD know that! Please update us when you are able to. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. You are loved…



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