Persecution of Pain Patients and their Physicians

The Shame of a Nation: Persecution of Pain Patients and their Physicians | Says Who??

Lawmakers now claim that drug abuse and overdoses are caused by those who suffer pain and seek medical assistance to alleviate their pain enough for them to cope; to be able to participate in life!

How patently absurd.

But I have to ask: Why have the law makers and enforcers turned against people who need medication for pain? The problem is not people who rightfully believe medication is intended to cure or alleviate medical conditions.

But now we are persecuting innocents, with a somewhat hysterical belief that they are somehow the cause. 

articles referring to a host of pain patients who, failing to receive the pain care that is their right, submit to the fear of a life of unbearable pain and commit suicide. Or, they go to the streets for drugs. Who can blame the latter?

This misdirected war has had unexpected consequences that are well documented. The efforts to restrict physicians and pharmacists from providing pain medications to patients has immediately resulted in an increase in heroin use, with a rise in overdoses and deaths

The response from law enforcement? “These are UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.“

It seems that in law enforcement it is OK to produce unintended consequences that stem directly from uninformed and under-researched legal action, killing innocent people and increasing the presence of street drugs.

When will we all shake off our apathetic yet determined slide into the shame of our national mediocrity and the injustice and corruption in our system that accompanies it?

Author: profemjay, a retired Professor of Sociology with interests in the Sociology of Medicine, Political Sociology, the Sociology of Development, Social Action and the Sociology of Religion

3 thoughts on “Persecution of Pain Patients and their Physicians

  1. dave

    You already know the answer to your question. Government works for the health care industry-and the health care industry is not focused on the good of the prople they serve or the rest of society-they are selfishly focused on their power, prestige, and profits. We have a capitalistic health care system- not a humanistic health care system. Those in the health care industry are like fish in the water- they do not see-and dont want to see where they are at. They are the last to discover the water. They are morally and mentally blind. and so the rest of society has a choice- to continue to suffer the burden of a careless and selfish health care industry or to demand change. Unfortunately we know that, unfortunately, people in pain and with illness have largely decided to support the sorry status quo.

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