How the CDC Gets Opioids So Wrong

How the CDC Gets Opioids So Wrong — Pain News Network | By Crystal Lindell

Somewhere in this conversation about how heroin is bad, people started thinking that all opioids are bad. Even the legal ones. The ones that help people. The ones that actually save lives.

And thus, we have now ended up with another government agency [CDC] trying to regulate medications that so many of us need. Not medications we want. Or that we think might be good. Medications we need.  

Last month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new draft guidelines that would — if adopted– sharply reduce the prescribing of opioids for both chronic and acute pain in the U.S. It’s mostly an effort to curb heroin use and non-medical use of opioids.

As someone who literally needs daily morphine to take showers, I’m extremely wary about the recommendations. And I’m also extremely weary of how the CDC chose to announce them.  

Crystal goes on to refute the 12 guidelines, point by point.


Other thoughts?

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