Opioid Prescribing Policies and Potential to Increase Pain

The Proliferation of Dosage Thresholds in Opioid Prescribing Policies and Their Potential to Increase Pain and Opioid-Related Mortality


Note: I’m currently in the airport for a weekend trip to visit my mom in San Diego, but I can’t resist posting some of the articles I’m seeing concerning  the terrible impact the CDC’s opioid prescribing guidelines will have on us.


One thought on “Opioid Prescribing Policies and Potential to Increase Pain

  1. painkills2

    I just love the phrase “unintended consequences,” seemingly removing all blame, like the consequences were unforeseen.

    “…alternatives that would provide a balanced approach to the treatment of pain and the prevention of harm without interfering with the physician-patient relationship.”

    So many experts are living in the past… Prevention efforts (i.e., law enforcement) have already interfered with the physician-patient relationship, and it’s too late to repair the damage. Sure, it won’t be that way for everyone, but I can’t believe that I’m the only pain patient who has given up on doctors.

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