From ACPA: A List of Painful Conditions

From ACPA: List of Painful Conditions

To live well in spite of a chronic pain problem, you need to be a well-informed consumer. Learning about your health care condition is a good place to start. Select a condition below for further information, additional resources and tools that will help you communicate with your health care provider, promote wellness and achieve greater control in your life.

Then, they give a list of over 100 pain conditions, including EDS and Fibromyalgia. Each link leads to a group of web pages about that condition.  

Example: EDS

  • Opioid Induced Constipation Conversation Guide
    Having to live with chronic pain is difficult enough without the added burden of opioid induced constipation. This ACPA tool will help you to have a meaningful conversation with your health care provider.
  • Pain Log
    The Pain Log can help you track the everyday things that have an impact on your pain.
  • Quality of Life Scale
    The Quality of Life scale is provided in two formats, graphical and text. We invite you to explore both formats to see which one might better help you to communicate with your health care provider as well as family and friends.
  • Daily Activity Checklist PDF
    This checklist can help you to see where you are having difficulties with everyday activities.
  • Back Pain Map
  • Head Pain Map
  • Where Does It Hurt? / Nerve Man
    With this online tool you can learn about the different parts of the body where nerve pain can manifest.

Related Resources

Example: Fibromyalgia


ACPA Resource Guide To Chronic Pain Medication & Treatment – 2015 Edition 

This is a thorough 115-page PDF. Here’s an image of the Table of Contents:CP Medication & Tx ACPA
CP Medication & Tx ACPA p2

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