CDC-preferred pain therapies often don’t work

From the CDC guidelines, Recommendation #1: “Non-pharmacologic therapy and non-opioid pharmacologic therapy are preferred for chronic pain”.

I and many other patients with significant pain have learned through long experience that the CDC-recommended “non-pharmacologic therapies” are mostly not or only slightly helpful for our pain.

Paradoxically, the kind of pain therapies now recommended by the CDC are exactly the “alternative medicine” therapies that were derided and ridiculed by the medical establishment for decades. In the 80’s and 90’s those that tried them were considered foolish suckers and those that offered them were condemned as quacks.

Why are these alternative therapies now preferred for pain?


2 thoughts on “CDC-preferred pain therapies often don’t work

  1. painkills2

    Because they don’t lead to potential drug addiction? Because the drug war decides which treatment options we can have access to? Because no one on the CDC panels suffers from chronic pain? Because everyone at the CDC thinks we’re made of money? Or… just because.

    If the only things a doctor can prescribe are these alternative treatments, why pay to see him/her? If the treatments fail, can I get my money back? If the treatments make the pain worse, can I sue? If I pay for all these alternative treatments (which I have), can I then have access to the ones that work? Or do I have to keep trying and paying for them, over and over?

    Why are we trying to make sense of bullshit? :)

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