Relief.News: Pain Research News, Insights and Ideas

New trustworthy website created:
Relief.News: Pain Research News, Insights and Ideas – brought to you by the Pain Reserach Forum


Launched in January 2016, RELIEF exists to fill this void. RELIEF provides news summaries, feature articles, interviews, webinars and podcasts covering the latest findings in pain research for a general audience, including people living with chronic pain and others interested in gaining understanding of this area of scientific investigation.

Our goal is to give people the knowledge they need so they can spark and meaningfully contribute to a national and international conversation about how to move pain treatment and care forward.

RELIEF is a project of the Pain Research Forum (PRF). Based at the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center at Harvard Medical School, PRF is an interactive web site for investigators working to translate new knowledge about pain neurobiology into novel treatments for chronic pain.

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