Guidelines, oh guidelines, just give us a break

This wonderful poem came to me by way of a comment on this blog by Ingrid Hollis:

This is such a helpful blog, and I sure have been feeling frustrated by all the issues out there around pain care vs, addiction. You really nailed it!

After reading another guideline coming through congress on top of the other CDC guidelines, and seeing the same language in all of it again in about three different texts I just had to write it out last week.

Our family had a tradition of singing out their frustrations, so I just started writing out a silly ditty of serious stuff. Sometimes laughter helps the burnout!   

I was stunned by the ridiculousness of it all, how the same thing is repeated over and over, and also concerned how it is and will have serious collateral damage on real people.

Guidelines oh guidelines just give us a break,
we know this epidemic is all but a fake!
Now dealing with addiction is a worthy cause,
but excluding pain patients just gives us pause.
Withholding of treatment for pain is condoned.
Is it medical negligence or criminal intent?
To cause someone’s suffering, when one can prevent?
The condoning of torture,
what will come next?

Your data just doesn’t add up in a court of law.
We hope that your numbers and false data
will be cause for your fall.
People are suffering , it’s not all in their heads.

Guidelines, oh Guidelines,
they just keep on coming,they keep writing more!
Hundreds of pages
our eyeballs are sore,
from reading so many,
they add to our plight,
such ignorance is rampant they give us a fright!

Well now my friends it’s the time to fight,
for friends and for family, for country and all, to do what is right!
People are suffering, afraid and alone.
Don’t leave it up to bureaucrats to determine our fate.
Better get moving the hour is late.

To the doctor who thinks pain’s all in the head, and directors and heads of all alphabet organization’s to boot,
we don’t think any of this is a hoot!
People are suffering from ailments that are real. Let the truth be told loud and clear!
The tales you are telling won’t be our doom,
you can just kindly now leave the room.

But they said shut up and go back to your couches, recliners and beds, cause we know you’re all faking,
it’s all in your heads! Your voice doesn’t matter, you all are the same!
It’s all in their heads there’s no room for pain, because with suboxone and lawsuits we gain, gain, gain!
The treatments, the potions, the lawsuits galore!
Because of the guidelines, we’ll just make more!
The patients should suffer because we do not care,
the treatments make money so there, there, there!

Oh guidelines oh guidelines get out of my hair.
We need some common sense and it needs to be fair!

Let the doctors practice medicine the way they were taught.
Compassion for the suffering, to relieve at all costs.
Empathy is a quality, a valuable one at that.
Pain patients will be happy and living again,
their couches, recliners and beds a thing of the past!
Put time, money and effort into research and fast.
Get rid of the guidelines, they’ll be relics from the past!

Come up with a cure, just remember the patients!
There we have it.
Come up with a cure!

-Ingrid Hollis


Other thoughts?

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