2 thoughts on “ArachnoiditisProtocol

  1. Lynn Morin

    I need desperate help. On a website I found the exact progression of my pain disorder beginning with pedal neuropathy going upwards to the top of my neck. My skin feels like it’s burned on a hot pan. I also have muscle fatigue pain from post polio syndrome, and joint pain from advanced osteoarthritis. I have multiple spinal anomalies and have had multiple spinal injections. I’m a former registered nurse and have been researching and going from doctor to doctor and to pain specialists. I’ve been told I have tortucollis in my neck and failed back surgery as well as fibromyalgia. I was on opioids for eleven years but have drastically been taken off and am suffering horrible withdrawal. I had a takotsubo heart attack last year from the constant release of adrenaline which caused cardiomegaly and intra apical blood clots as well, this after six weeks of pain that ended in this heart attack. I don’t want to die from this pain but with the withdrawal and the pain I fear not only another heart attack but that I could die of my own hand. No one should have to endure this suffering!! What is wrong with our government doing this to people like me? I have gone neurologist to neurologist and been treated badly. But after years of research on my part, I believe I may have Arachnoiditis. Where do I go for this?



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