Catastrophizing Debunked as Cause of Pain

The causal status of pain catastrophizing: an experimental test with healthy participants. – PubMed – NCBI Eur J Pain. 2005 Jun

In the current study we report findings on the effects of experimentally induced catastrophizing about pain on expected pain, experienced pain and escape/avoidance behavior during a cold pressor task in a sample of healthy participants

It was hypothesized that increasing the level of catastrophizing would result in a higher level of expected pain, a higher level of experienced pain, and a shorter duration of ice-water immersion. Also, it was hypothesized that these relations might be stronger for participants who already catastrophized about pain prior to the experiment.

The results demonstrated that despite the successful attempt to induce catastrophizing, this neither significantly affected

  • expected pain,
  • experienced pain, and
  • duration of ice-water immersion,

nor were these relations moderated by the pre-experimental level of catastrophizing.  

Of course, because this study is from a decade ago, it will be disregarded.


7 thoughts on “Catastrophizing Debunked as Cause of Pain

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  4. Marcie

    My doctor tried to do this to me even put it in the medical records that I had anxiety and and depression. that I had Gad which means generalized anxiety disorder. I admit it and even told him yes I have depression because I’m in chronic pain everyday but it’s not anxiety . And I have seen him for over 7 years now and not in one report does he mention the word pain in which I had seen him numerous times over pain even though he does not give prescription opiates. The DSM has in 2014 but I don’t know how far back it categorize pain as Gad. So that’s what they have started with is the mental diagnosis that this is your problem and they will never even mention the word pain. Even though there are over 1 million people who see doctors more often for pain alone than any other disease from heart , . But yet I have no signs of anxiety like certain things that they look for is smoking, drinking, gambling, a gamer. I have read that these are signs of people that have anxiety issues and that’s why they do what they do. They’re always trying to put us in a neat little box because they don’t have the answers. From what all I’ve been reading in the newspapers and on National pain news they’re trying to eradicate the word pain. They have lowered opiate meds and forcing them to do steroid injections. I spoke to a friend today who said they told her if she did not do the injections they would no longer give her pain medication. And if she felt that her pain medication was not effective that they want to do a nerve ablation. I told her about my instances of that I have now from the steroid use even though I’m only 52 have the nerve damage to my eyes that of a 80 year old. Even though I told my now retired ophthalmologist through the years that I was doing steroids he had never mentioned the damage it could do and therefore that’s why my eyes are so bad and I have just received a new ophthalmologist and got this diagnosis and she said it’s a direct result from steroid use. I told my friend their next thing they will want to do if you say this is how I felt because I’ve had nerve ablation done and it failed they’ll tell you sometimes it takes twice or do a different area. It just did not work. I told her the next thing they will want to do is do an interstim implant in your back. I told her don’t go there because I spoke too many people who’ve had it done and they said that did not work. I had a placement of one but not sown in just an exterior one for a trial and it did not help at all. They just keep at upping the stakes against your body and your wallet and the only ones winning is them. Medicare / private insurance does not pay for a lot of these treatments anymore. I read the DEA is now pushing for legalized marijuana. So I believe this is the whole push about eliminating the word pain and opiates so the people in Washington who have power over us can increase their tax dollars in there for increase their lifestyles. And that stuff is not cheap watch videos from California of people who are treating their chronic pain and let them tell you how much that stuff cost you can find it on YouTube. And it doesn’t sound like that stuff is very efficient either. It’s genocide on the chronic pain person. It’s just like the Nazis taking out the old the sick but instead they’re going to let you do it for yourself so they are blameless. Don’t remember what side I read it on but it stated that the CDC is not counting the people who have chronic pain that have committed suicide from chronic pain as the diagnosis of the reason why they committed suicide. It’s just committed suicide. Anyway I read that someone stated please leave a note for the reason why you decided to commit suicide so it could not be ignored by the medical community. But I add to that mail it to the newspapers as well before you choose to end yourself. Because I have found out medical records can easily go missing. something bigger going on to have this many departments from government agencies and each department of medical community such as Physicians to be on such a agreement with letting people in chronic pain with disabilities and cancer suffer just because there are people out there who choose to abuse things not only opiates, there’s alcohol, meth, glue, write down to Imodium for diarrhea. Who would want to use Imodium to get high don’t get it. But I read their using the opiate crisis to push people to become a more socialist United States. Which I call a communist. Also I read there are statistics that stated that more white people use opiates then any other race. Is this a way to get rid of a majority of white people?


    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      I don’t believe the disregard for pain is related to any conspiracy. It’s the good old fashioned stupidity of the “war on drugs”, which is now focused on the general class of all opioids, making no distinction between our prescribed medication and the illicit opioids (like heroin & fentanyl) that people are injecting in the streets.

      The problem is the ignorance of such critical differences, which have led to the drug-war being waged on pain patients using prescribed opioids. We’re much easier (and safer) to find and prosecute than the drug lords smuggling and selling lethal drugs.


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