Rebutting Media Hype About Opioids – Open Letter to the Media

Rebutting Media Hype About Opioids – National Pain Report

Open Letter to the Media:

Ever since you started writing about the “Opioid Crisis in America”, you have ignored the millions of us that suffer from serious and incurable, but treatable, pain.

You ignore or distort scientific facts and propagate manipulated statistics that conflate pain treatment with addiction.

You are being duped by the addiction treatment industry and used to promote their agenda. You accept and publish their information and admittedly corrupt data without question and don’t bother to dig deeper to find the subterfuge.

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2 thoughts on “Rebutting Media Hype About Opioids – Open Letter to the Media

  1. The Goth Writer

    I have also written about this on my blog. The treatment of chronic pain patients is outrageous and egregious! I too suffer with chronic pain. Tried for years, unsuccessfully, to manage without opioids. Finally when I decided that I needed them, it was after all the new hype, so I’m able to obtain very little of what I need. It’s sad and scary, what we go through. the messed up thing is that I function so much better with my pain being controlled and managed. I’m actually able to work part-time, for the first time in many years, as I get SSD.


    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      So many of us tried as long as we could to avoid opioids, but were eventually forced to make a decision: keep our chance to live a functional life or resign ourselves to “mere existence”.

      I’ve found that the inability to work (on a schedule and with other people) is one of the hardest limitations to deal with. I feel very vulnerable now that I can’t earn a living and have to live from savings and disability, and knowing I won’t ever be able to “fix” that scares me for the future.

      My greatest mental accomplishment has been learning to “not think” about what scares me, like any aspect of the future. That severely restricts my thinking, but it’s worth it not to fall into hopeless anxiety.



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