10 indispensables for chronic pain and illness

10 indispensables for those with chronic pain and illness – KevinMD

Email. I know the joy of hearing the actual voice of a loved one. That said, email is the principal way I communicate with people.

Being nice to yourself. It took several years for me to figure out what seems obvious now: it’s not my fault that I’m sick and in pain; it happens to everyone at one time or another in life.  

Pacing. I include pacing even though I’m not very good at it.

Earplugs. Let me count the ways my earplugs are indispensable

The proper pillow arrangement. I have a multitude of pillow arrangements.

Not sweating the small stuff. There’s enough unavoidable “sweat” in my life simply from taking care of my body.

Slowing down. This is an acquired skill.

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save (or its equivalent). Because I’m mostly housebound, I do all my shopping online, most of it from Amazon

Spinach [a funny story]

Saying “no.” Before I learned to say “no” as in, “No, I can’t go out to dinner” or “No, you can’t visit for the entire day,” my life was one big push and crash cycle  

Read the full article at http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2016/05/10-indispensables-chronic-pain-illness.html


3 thoughts on “10 indispensables for chronic pain and illness

  1. david

    How Rockwellesque and underpowered. Doctors want u to take good care of yoursrlf and be nice to yourself because their treatmentsbarent so nice or helpful. Kevin md had been stuck on medicines failed ways for sometime. He doesnt understand itsntime to shut down the medicine show and replace it with something much more effective and humane


    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Well… I just had an essay published on KevinMD and feel pretty good about being able to reach a wider audience. (Link is in later post “The subtle arrogance of good health”)

      I’m trying to infiltrate the general media with OUR point of view for a change.



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