The Experience of Having Chronic Pain

What to Know to Understand the Experience of Having Chronic Pain | The Mighty

This is an excellent description of the various aspects of living with chronic pain, starting with a phrase that digs right into the heart of the experience.

Chronic pain changes everything in life, most entirely invisible to outsiders.

Many people do not seem to understand chronic pain or just how extensive its effects are, how exhausting always being in pain is, how displacing and uncertain, nor how hard that pain makes it to concentrate and think.  


One thought on “The Experience of Having Chronic Pain

  1. BirdLoverInMichigan

    Well said. This is an accurate presentation of my inner experience as a woman with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It applies to other ailments as well, since many chronic pain conditions hide under the same invisibility cloak I’m stuck wearing.

    Funny thing is I interviewed for a job last week and was offered the position the very next day. I realize even though the office is a mere two blocks away from my condo there’s still no way I can expect to show up and perform five days a week from 8 am until 4:30 pm. I desperately need the money and benefits, but since my sleep is disordered and my ability to walk and function is questionable each morning due to shifting pain levels and extremely low blood pressure, I’d be lying to all involved to accept it.

    I’m going to cut and paste a little bit of this article into my email to send to the man who offered me the position since he’ll never understand how someone who looked so normal and was so convincing during a brief one hour meeting is now forced to turn down a lucrative job offer. I thought about trying the job and seeing if maybe it’d work, but I know better. I am strong willed but flimsy. Guess which side always wins?

    Meantime, I’ll keep on keeping on…



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