Reasons to Keep Living

Suicide Prevention: Reasons to Keep Living #IKeptLiving | The Mighty

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering what kind of a limited life I could lead without opioids to control my pain. I’ve tried all kind of other treatments over the years only to find them all mostly useless, so opioids are the last resort.

If my only effective pain relief is taken away I’m afraid my life would no longer be tolerable or worthwhile. My husband and friends share this concern because they are witnesses to how pain has ravaged by life, how much I’ve lost to it, and how it has even changed who I am.

Here are a few of my favorites from the article and my own reasons: 

We asked people affected by suicide, suicide loss survivors and suicide attempt survivors alike, to share why, despite their challenges, they keep living. Their answers are beautiful — and we can’t wait to share them with you.

I kept living because…

12. “I kept living because the pain is not all there is. The pain will not win, the pain will not rob me of all of the opportunities life has to offer. I kept living because I found the reasons I needed to carry on.” — Sam Hill

14. “I kept living because the fire I found in hell secretly got inside my soul and lit me up… and now, even if I try to surrender to the scary voices that challenge me, my will, my heartbeats, want to fight for me. And so I listen. And so I am here.” — Luah Bel

26. “Honest answer? At first I kept living because I was afraid. I was so close to the edge so many times, but I was too scared to take that last step. As I slowly, slowly found recovery, I learned there is joy in life, no matter how dark it may feel. Now I keep living because I know there is always hope for it to get better, even when I feel exhausted and hopeless.” — Kait Englert  

29. “I kept living because I had a feeling there was something better out there for me, I just needed to go and find it.” — Evelyn Faith

And I kept living because

  1. I imagined the pain and doubt my loved ones would feel, believing they could have known and prevented it somehow.
  2. I was looking for relief of my intractable pain, but realized that death would deny me not only the pain, but the relief as well.
  3. Logically, I had to admit there was a sliver of possibility that the worst would not happen, that I would either be able to continue taking opioids or that some equally effective treatment would be revealed.

One thought on “Reasons to Keep Living

  1. painkills2

    Wow, that’s a really hard question. Good point about death denying you relief as well. Can’t really appreciate and enjoy pain relief if you’re dead.

    My first thought was that I kept living because I was too scared to end it. But now I’m not so sure. That’s probably because I don’t want to think of myself as a weak person, but we all have our weaknesses. (Shout out to chocolate.) We all have our fears. (Shout out to roller coasters.)

    I suppose I don’t know why I keep living. It seems I have a talent for breathing in and out. :)

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