Take Action against CMS’ Proposal to Change Medicare Part B

U.S. Pain partners with Patients for Medicare Access to preserve Part B

This explains and takes you to a website that helps you assemble a letter of protest, which it then sends to the appropriate individuals.

Initiative Aims to Protect Beneficiaries’ Access within the Medicare Part B Program  

Like any other pain warrior, Medicare beneficiaries rely on access to various treatments for these complex conditions. That is why U.S. Pain Foundation is creating a new initiative to provide the support that seniors need and deserve.  

U.S. Pain is proud to announce its partnership with Patients for Medicare Access. This campaign brings together Medicare patients, caregivers, providers and other healthcare stakeholders to educate policy makers about the importance of ensuring that seniors receive the high-quality health care they deserve.    

Proposed cuts to Medicare Part B by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services may threaten access to live saving treatments.

On behalf of the pain community, U.S. Pain is urging its Pain Ambassadors, Advocates, Volunteers and Members to contact Congress and weigh in on this important issue.

Together, we can ensure that treatment options are decided by patients and their healthcare providers, not by CMS.   

Patients for Medicare Access

To help you protest this change, this web page will assemble a letter from you to create an article regarding this issue.

You are given the options to:

  • Tweet Congress
  • Write Congress
  • Write Your Op-Ed
  • Tweet the Candidates

On the starting page, you only need to enter a zip code:

On the next page, you’ll see a list of magazines and news publications or Congresspersons  that cover your area and you can select up to 5 of them.

Then you can either write some text of your own or select some of the pre-written text blurbs to include.

The web page will send your “letter” to the appropriate individuals.

Tell the media why CMS should uphold the treatment decisions made by patients and their healthcare providers in Medicare Part B.

CMS’ Proposal to Change Medicare Part B Would Harm Patients Like Me

Take action now to tell the public about what the CMS’ proposal can mean to real people. Spread the word that patients and their providers need all available options – without the restrictions this proposal would impose – for treating complex conditions.

It’s as easy as entering your zip code and selecting and editing the talking points provided to share your personal story with the media.

Take Action

Clearly and concisely stateyour objective for writing the letter.

Tell YOUR story. Editors have caught on to pre-written op-ed campaigns. They will not run submissions that are substantially the same as another op-ed already published in another paper.

Keep it brief. A short op-ed will run in its entirety, whereas a long one may be edited or not run at all. Keep it short — 2 to 3 succinct paragraphs and 500 to 700 words or less to maximize your impact.

I hope you’ll take a look at this extremely helpful site and take the few minutes necessary to write a letter this way.



One thought on “Take Action against CMS’ Proposal to Change Medicare Part B

  1. Doc Anonymous

    This is a confusing topic because medication has over the past several years been paid by Medicare “PART D”. In the past, PART B paid for doctors, labs, X-rays, therapies but NOT for medication. I tried following the links but I do not see any SPECIFIC examples of how this new rule would actually affect people. If some medications are to be paid by Part B and Part D still serves to pay for ones not covered by Part B then it may be an expansion of the overall coverage.

    The problem with Medicare Part D is that it is administered by the insurance companies who make their own rules on how much of a given medication is “covered”. And since pain medications are generally expensive and will be used for a LONG time, the insurance companies have tried all kinds of schemes to limit chronic pain treatment and increase their profits.

    But I am still left to wonder how does this Medicare PART B program interface with Medicare PART D? Part D is too big of a money maker for the Part D insurers and they will certainly not let Part B replace them.

    I certainly share the concern about ongoing efforts in the government and their allies in the insurance industry to eliminate the cost of treating chronic pain. But I do not understand how this Medicare Part B program would work.

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