Join us in Wash DC – Oct 22 – Rally Against Pain

Invitation to the Rally Against Pain
Come to Washington DC on October 22 from 10AM to 5PM and
join us on the Ellipse opposite the White House.

Here is a chance to make ourselves publicly visible
as advocates for ourselves and others.

Call upon the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to

revoke its fraudulent “opioid guidelines”,
stop restricting effective treatments for pain patients and
stop persecuting doctors who are trying to help us.  

The event is six weeks away, and the more of us who attend, the more likely we will be to get press coverage. Please RSVP at

In order to finalize arrangements, we need to start a head count.

With the election coming up and everyone being discontinued or functioning on a decreased amount of their effective pain medicine, less and less people will be able to attend.

Make your Voices Heard Now, before losing the ability to do so.

We are losing more and more rights every day.

The needless suffering and loss of functioning must stop now.

If you’re unable to make the Rally, but want your voice heard, please send a letter to be read at the Rally.

The rally will feature knowledgeable, compassionate doctors and caregivers as speakers, contradicting the dominant public narrative that labels chronic pain patients as drug seekers and addicts.

I (Red Lawhern) will be among those speakers and I’ll drive 500 miles to be there. Others from as far as Norway have expressed a desire to attend.

I am also contributing to a GoFundMe effort to help make our Rally complete with podium, speakers, tents for shade or rain, signage, Tee Shirts, etc. The following link will take you to the Go Fund Me account set up specifically for the Rally.

The organizing group would appreciate any amounts you can spare to help make the Rally a success.

If we exceed our target, any additional funds will be directed to set up a non-profit organization to lobby for abolishing discrimination against chronic pain patients.

To contribute:

Thank you for your continued support as we work to reinstate our rights and see that the chronic pain patients get the much-needed relief they so rightfully deserve.

Please join us in DC, contribute financially, or both.

Red Lawhern

Red Lawhern is a tireless advocate for pain patients who, with only a small group of dedicated advocates (yes, I’m involved), has organized this rally for us.

I know how difficult is it for us to travel and spend money, but this is a TRUE GRASSROOTS EFFORT, unsponsored by any large donation-backed organization.

Of all the pain patients suffering from the terrible restrictions on opioid pain medication, I hope more than a few will be able to show up.

Again, I consider this important enough to ask you to please pass it on in any way you can.  We MUST spread this message far and wide to find those people who are able to attend.

As mentioned, if you cannot attend, PLEASE CONSIDER WRITING A LETTER to be read at the rally.


6 thoughts on “Join us in Wash DC – Oct 22 – Rally Against Pain

  1. Dave

    I am for free speech and i am for feedom of choice for people in pain.I too contributed to this effort But i am concerned some professionals may use the rally as a soapbox to advance their interests and their organizational interests. The facts are clear professionals involved in pain care have treated people n pain as subordinates that are subject to their interests and they have not tried to democratize or individualize pain care. And so after i contributed to this group i see their efforts are for polite reformism and they lack a vision to make pain care to be much different or better then it is.and like the good book says people perish from lack of vision.

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      1. david becker

        I have made a small donation to the rally- despite my reservations and concerns. As the saying goes- If i am only for myself who will be for me? And so because i believe we need to provide moral support to those who we may not agree with so that they can be heard. People in pain need to be heard and respected and treated with dignity.
        As for medical professionals qua medical professionalism- they dont need support to be heard- they hog the debate and try to invalidate nonprofessionals. They have contributed to the ruination of pain care and democracy and individualism. Theyre a morally diseased and deranged power hungry bunch.
        The group is wrong to harp on the science of the CDC decision being mistaken- for that feed into the belief that science should not just inform society, but should be the sole arbiter of political disputes. That creates a moral hazard in society as well as many other problems. And isnt science just politcs by other means?
        The key issues for me with the CDC guidlines has to do with political,, scoial and individual morality-and the CDC and government did a splendidly poor job of addressing thse issues- so that is their soft underbelly that should be exposed.
        People in pain need to own responsibility to change the Brave New World of Pain Care-they cant make good progress by taking the position that its governments fault and responsibility or professionals fault and responsibiliy. Only when people in pain take responsibility for the system will we start to see real change and i hope people in pain are up to the challenge.


  2. painkills2

    My sisters sent me a gift card for my birthday. I’m thinking about treating myself to a haircut and a car wash. And you want me to think about making a donation or traveling to Washington, DC?


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