Stanford Speaks: “Pain is a more terrible lord…”

A tweet from Stanford Pain speaks a truth many seem to have forgotten:

This tweet shows unusual sympathy/empathy for pain patients – I hope to see more like it from them.


5 thoughts on “Stanford Speaks: “Pain is a more terrible lord…”

  1. Dave

    Stanford has blocked me from tweets. Theyre so tendentious that they fear the opinions of others who think differently. Instead of embracing or confronting difference they seek to silence those who are different.I am not surprised i am amused.


  2. leejcaroll

    Interesting Many years ago I saw an phthalmologist while in the hospital for trigeminal neuralgia (Any touch tothe affected area of my face the left forehead and under the eye caused exquisite horrific pain) As he touched my eye being warned of the pain it would cause and seeing that in fact he was triggering my pain he said “This is how you do torture. Just reducte their tolerance so all you have to do is touch them” (He was Austrian had heavy accent so new to country apparently, I had my wristband and chart that said I was Jewish I always wondered if his remark related to how much earier they could have made things in the war. They knew pain was a way to get people in line, the threat of pain I do think worse then the threat of death )

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      What a disturbing comment!

      I agree, the threat of permanent pain is WORSE than death – that’s what torture is all about. Just like withholding pain relief, inflicting extreme unrelenting pain reduces the victim to begging for death.

      As I read once, “If my mother understood how terrible my pain is, she’d shoot me herself.”

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