Take a Stand for People Living with Chronic Pain


People with pain are misunderstood, inadequately treated, stigmatized and marginalized on a daily basis and are forgotten about.

Join People with Pain Matter and take action by advocating for nearly 100 million Americans afflicted with chronic pain.

This site offers a form into which you can write your story. The organization will then route it to all the people and places where it can do some good.

Tell Congress

Congress is now considering legislation that could have the unintended consequence of limiting your access to treatments for chronic pain.

In just a few clicks, you can email your lawmakers to tell them People with Pain Matter.

To have the greatest impact, be sure to tell your Members

  1. how long you’ve lived in the district and/or state,
  2. how pain affects you (as a person living with pain, caregiver, etc.), and
  3. why people with chronic pain need access to appropriate treatments including multiple methodologies such as alternative care, medications, medical cannabis, and integrative approaches

Tell the Media

You can help us communicate the needs of people with pain to national media.

To submit a letter to the editor, select a media outlet below and use the talking points provided.

We encourage you to craft a letter that explains

  1. the importance of protecting access to pain relief for people with chronic pain,
  2. how you live with pain (as a person living with pain, caregiver, etc.), and
  3. how your safely and judiciously prescribed medications help you lead a more productive, fulfilling life.

Tell Your Story

Your pain may be quiet. But that doesn’t mean you have to be.

Sharing your story will help stop the stigmatization of people who rely on various forms of pain relief, and provide us with real examples of people who are being denied access to medications and other treatment modalities.

The form at the very bottom of the web page asks for your name, address, email, permission, and it has a textbox to write (cut & paste) your story.

Be mindful that there is a limit of 2,000 characters (~350 words) for your story.

Other thoughts?

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