Pilates Training, Instruction and Practice

Free Pilates Exercises for Pilates Training, Instruction and Practice (Pictures)

Here is a description and explanation of many of the most used Pilates exercises. They overlap with the Alexander Technique and require no special equipment.

The Nine Pilates Controlology Introductory Exercises…

(1) Relaxation Scripts

Key words: The Relaxation, and Alexander Technique “Inhibiting”, Pilates Relaxation exercises, relaxation techniques, scripts, Alexander Technique”,

(2) Pilates Pelvic Alignment & Pelvic Alignment Exercises  

Key words: Pilates Exercise: Pelvic Neutral: Pelvic Alignment Exercises,

(3) The Zip and Hollow (Lumbar Stabilization Exercise)

Key words: Pilates Exercise: Zip and Hollow, transversus abdominis, chronic low back pain and stabilization exercises,

(4) Pilates Breathing

Key words: pilates, stabilizes lumbar spine, yoga breathing techniques seniors, children, breathing exercise, asthma

(5) Fine Control of the Zip and Hollow (Dynamic Stabilization Exercise).

Key words: isometric free abdominal exercises, Zip and Hollow, Best exercise lower abdominal muscles

(6) Buttocks Exercises

Key words: gluteus maximus workouts, buttocks exercise,

(7) Setting Protruding Shoulder Blades

Key words: Pilates Exercise, Scapular Anchor, Lower Trapezius, Serratus anterior, Rotator cuff injuries

(8) “Pilates hurts my neck!” – Chin Tucks will help!

Key words: Chin Tuck, Neck Roll, “Head Back and Down, F. M. Alexander, rounded shoulders Head Forward and Up, Head Forward and Down, Dowager Hump, Kyphosis

(9)Standing Posture!

Key words: Alexander Technique Releasing and Lengthening Taller, do Alexander Technique

(10) Stand Tall, Walk Tall!

Key words: Alexander Technique Releasing and Lengthening Taller, do Alexander Technique

Pilates Beginner Mat Workout

(side kick series)

(now repeat the side kick series, but lying on your other side).


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