Ravages of Uncontrolled Chronic Pain

While the media endlessly churns out stories of people succumbing to addiction, those of us living with constant severe pain relieved only by opioids remain invisible to the public. We remain unmentioned and unseen, while these three FALSEHOODS are propagated by the media.

  1. most people become addicted to opioid medication they are taking purely for pain control
  2. anyone taking opioids for more than a month is an addict and any pain they feel is either suffering from hyperalgesia or is “catastrophizing”.
  3. opioids have no legitimate use beyond limited post-injury pain (and cancer, of course)

Pain is assumed to be either curable (an injury) or in our heads (chronic). People believe chronic pain is only a “feeling” and doesn’t result in actual damage like an injury would. But they are WRONG.

Bodily Damage from Uncontrolled Chronic Pain


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