Studies show CDC-recommended pain Tx ineffective

There are many studies proving that the CDC recommendations for “alternative medicine” therapies are ineffective, and this was pointed out in a Twitter sequence, started by an article about how opioids are now the very last treatment to be considered for pain.

Sumathi Reddy @rddysum
Skip the meds, say docs on treating lower back pain. My column: … via @WSJ

John @JohnTuckerPhD
All “therapies” for which there is little evidence, no evidence, or solid evidence against the effectiveness of. Sad to see collapse of EBM

The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) is the leading resource for systematic reviews in health care. The CDSR includes Cochrane Reviews (the systematic reviews) and protocols for Cochrane Reviews

John @JohnTuckerPhD
Cochrane on acupuncture for back pain: Not effective.

John @JohnTuckerPhD
Cochrane on massage for low back pain: Not effective

John @JohnTuckerPhD
Cochrane on herbal medicine for back pain: No evidence to support

John @JohnTuckerPhD
Cochrane on spinal manipulation for back pain: Not effective

John @JohnTuckerPhD
But wait! Cochrane on opioids for low back pain: “Effective”

But wait, there’s more!

The AAPM (now Academy of Integrative Pain Mangement) is now supporting Naturopathy. The president of AAPM, Bob Twillman, will be speaking at a conference of Naturopaths – people who oppose evidence-based medicine (and vaccinations):


Medicine in America seems to have lost its mind over the panic about heroin overdoses and the misguided blame on prescription pain medication, abandoning patients to practices once condemned as “practicing medicine without a license” and outright quackery.

The field of medicine is retreating back into the 19th century, when anybody could sell “snake oil” to take the money of anyone gullible enough to believe their fantastic claims without evidence.


1 thought on “Studies show CDC-recommended pain Tx ineffective

  1. Kathy c

    It took me about two years to get a referral to a Surgeon to see if there was anything “New.” During the visit I watched as his eyes tracked to the left, which means he know he is is lying. I have had 2 Surgeries, Lower Lumbar and and implant in my Neck, Vertebrae, yet he refused to answer any questions or even refer to the previous surgery done by his ancient colleague, at the same Hospital. He told me that “they don’t recommend surgery for Pain.” Then when I asked “What are the alternatives? He replied with a the name of a Chiropractor, who is a Quack! I did not tell him that, I said something about it being dangerous with a piece of hardware like mine. He pretended I had said nothing.
    This is what we are dealing with, Obfuscation and obstruction. The Insurance probably does not pay enough. I relayed this information to my Pain Physician, the last one in the State, he was dismayed. We did another injection procedure, and we discussed the inability to understand Statistics, by people in the Medical Field. My Physician has a background in Hard Science, and he worked as a Doctor in war torn regions of Africa, unlike the Local Physician that are in the thrall of their HMO. There are few Independent Physicians anymore, Corporate Culture has restrained free Speech and even common sense. We are in the post Fact Era! The Surgeons comments were directly a script they are supposed to read for patients like me and thousands of others.

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