Flawed Perceptions Make Our Drug Crisis Worse

New Survey Finds That Flawed Perceptions Are Making Our Drug Crisis Worse 2/1/2017

Fully 61 percent of voters believe that their state and local governments are not doing enough in response to drug abuse and addiction. Yet, there are fiscal constraints on any alternative strategies to end the drug crisis, with 51 percent believing state and local governments are in fact spending effectively, making it difficult to propose any new initiatives to tackle the drug crisis.

In many cases, drug abuse services involve all branches of government today, yet these programs suffer from a lack of a coherent strategy and may be perceived to be ineffective as a result.

They are not only perceived to be ineffective, they ARE ineffective.

The government has been caught lying repeatedly to bolster the expensive and failing/failed drug war, so has sacrificed the moral high ground for drug raids and incarceration.  

By emphasizing clarity in our approach to attack the drug crisis, we can rebuild trust in the government’s role and radically improve the outlooks for substance abusers seeking treatment.

Broadly, the Rosenthal Study reveals the need for more clarity in drug policy decision making.

At a time when Americans have little information but strongly-held beliefs about drugs, drug use, and addiction, it is imperative to we promote awareness in our communities and encourage educated perspectives.

In general, Americans have been lied to by their government and the frenzied media headlines so long they have given up on finding the truth.

Instead, they develop their own fact-free beliefs based on what their “friends & neighbors” are saying, and cling to them desperately during a time when extreme opposing and contradictory views are broadcast daily.

Americans perceive – correctly – that everything they are told by any media is based on someone’s financial interest, from the pharmaceutical industry, the media, and special interest groups. It’s become a contest of who can hoodwink the most people to make the most money.

Too much is at stake for us to not fully internalize the hard facts about addiction and pave clear pathways toward treatment services.  

Without a fair, honest consensus on the crisis, we will continue to fail at advancing policy and treatment options in the most effective way possible.

Another surprising finding from the survey involves prescription drug abuse. Overall, nearly one-in-five individuals (18 percent) report taking drugs prescribed for someone else.

Individuals also disproportionately ascribe responsibility for prescription drug abuse to doctors.

In total, half of respondents believe that doctors have been prescribing too many drugs. These findings show that by resisting individual responsibility for prescription drug abuse, many adults contribute to the growing distrust of doctors’ treatment methods for both drug abuse and common pain management.

Looking ahead, this distrust of doctors and the new guidelines urging physicians to use nonopioid alternatives for pain management may result in increasing consumption of illicit opioids, such as fentanyl or heroin, and ultimately increase fatal overdoses.

Finally, a key finding from the Rosenthal Survey on the government’s role in the drug crisis is that a big-budget, top-down federal solution would be widely distrusted and struggle to succeed.

It’s ironic that Forbes is complaining about all these “flawed perceptions” while they are a powerful member of the media that caused this problem.


3 thoughts on “Flawed Perceptions Make Our Drug Crisis Worse

    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      I sure wish I could find some good news for a change, but it seems the “opioid problem” will still have to get worse before it gets fixed for real. Since it’s become part of the larger drug-war in America, we may have quite a while to wait for this absurd, failed, and ridiculously expensive witch-hunt to be called off.

      Right now it’s still about power players jockeying for position, trying to steer money being spent on the “crisis” into their own businesses.


  1. Kathy C

    Thank You Zyp,
    This is just one more manufactured “Crisis.” In my State they cut funding to Drug Treatment and Behavioral Health. Our so called Local Corporate media only Reported it after the fact. They have run sensationalized headlines on the “Drug Epidemic,” Put Up billboards, with pictures of hypodermic Syringes, and did emotional Stories, of the distraught parents of a dead young person. Our Congresswoman even addressed Congress, telling the same narrative word for word, Our State “Cracked Down” long before the current “Crisis.” They had a home grown Heroin problem for decades in one City. The Local Hospital and HMO has avoided even diagnosing pain, due to the perceived “Opiate Epidemic.”
    That one Town, with a long term problem, has a Clinic that is abandoned, a Broken down, vacant building on the side of the road. It shows the lack of commitment to any kind of Change. It once housed a !2 Step Program during the 90’s Heroin Epidemic. All these years alter not much has changed, that building is vacant and in disrepair. While their Local Paper, published the results of “Overdose Autopsies. Since they have always had a heroin problem, they too tried to blame Prescription drugs.
    We are now in the Fact Free Era. They are not telling the truth, they are even censoring questions on the Internet. They are still running the same narrative, even though it might have led to more deaths. As they ran the Story about prescription drugs, the latest deaths were due to Fentanyl, not one “Newspaper” had the integrity to mention this until long after the fact. This is also one of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the US. There is no opportunity, many people have given up. Those Autopsies showed that half of the people that died due to “Overdose” had seen a doctor in the last 30 days, they were all on combinations of other medications for health problems. .I suspect they all got the kind of “treatment” many people get around here, the Gas Light. Physicians ignore Pain or medical Concerns, leaving people hopeless, and aware it won’t get any better. The don’t treat pain, and they don’t like to diagnose other Health Conditions, They are more concerned with Profits, and fear of liability.

    Our Local Corporate Media spun the “Crisis” story to continue to blame “Prescription Drugs,” as the death toll from illicit drugs climbed. It is likely and equal number of people died of exposure, here, but they don’t mention that. They even shut down “Treatment” for teenagers, due to “Lack of funding.” When people “overdose” in the Jails, they downplay the significance, it does not mesh with their realty. A lot of Addicts get started in jail, after they are arrested for another Crime. They don’t count these numbers either, they might reflect badly on the “System.” they also don’t mention the number of Hep C cases that got started in Jail, another expensive and deadly Disease, that Big Pharma is gouging us all on. They had to Ration the “cure” because it is ridiculously expensive

    In the meantime a series of “Non Profits” are gearing up to provide Drug Treatment. The same old bunch of Connected “Non Profits.” It is unlikely there will be any ‘Evidence Based Treatment.” This State has gone with the “Faith Based” 12 Step programs, which did not work int he past, so it is unlikely it will work in the future. Physicians are bragging about how they don;t treat “New Pain.” Now any Pain Condition, becomes “New” it is like groundhog Day.” I went to a Surgical consult, where I was informed I had “Arthritis.” I have a big chunk of hardware in my C-Spine, but the Doctor pretended it was not there. I have had 2 Spine Surgeries, and they won’t refer to that, so I can imagine how they treat “New Pain” The Surgeon recommended a Chiropractor.
    20 years ago, in desperation I had spent thousands on Chiropractors as this Back Injury got worse. Not one Chiropractor was able to observe the radiculopathy, as they took my money and probably made me worse. Physicians rolled their eyes at me, Chiropractors were quackery. Everything goes now, every Office Clerk is a drug counselor. Unscientific New Age “treatments” are just as valid as anything else, even though there is no Scientific Evidence they work. “Studies” that reinforce the narrative go Viral, even though the “Conclusions” make no sense, and are a distortion of Science.



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