Opioids Blamed for Side-Effects of Chronic Pain

Opioids Blamed for Consequences of Chronic Pain – National Pain Report – 2/23/2017

I’ve noticed a trend in the proliferating numbers of studies ostensibly investigating the damaging effects of opioid therapy:

whatever the negative outcome,
researchers correlate or attribute it
to the opioid medications instead of the underlying pain.

I have been scientifically inclined since childhood and believe there’s always a reason for how scientific studies are designed, but in this case, I’m flummoxed. I hope someone with a better understanding of current research protocols can explain away this apparent design flaw I’ve detailed in my article and restore my faith in the NIH and its research.


13 thoughts on “Opioids Blamed for Side-Effects of Chronic Pain

  1. Barbara Ramsey

    I’ve never read such an intelligent analysis of the recent propaganda against Opioids used for chronic pain. Who exactly is behind this alarming campaign and WHY? Now I appreciate my medical team more often than ever because they are not buying into the public’s false beliefs. I manage my chronic pain but as I age it’s increasing DUE TO STRUCTURAL DETERIORATION NOT THE OPIOIDS. I’m alarmed by this anti-opioids stance filtering down from supposed scientific research to everyday media even well written entertainment (movies & TV) which ironically promote the regular use of hard alcohol. One highly rated TV series which I enjoy has numerous characters (even a surgeon) drinking Scotch, Whisky and more all hours of the day & night with no consequences. However the one time a main character smoked pot she ended up in jail. Another character had real pain and took Vicodin for a while; the writers focused on blaming his growing I instability and hallucinations on the pills. It was a major theme which was supported by fans; I criticized the writers for their skewed portrayals of alcohol vs. medication but I was in the minority. When this kind of irresponsible nonsense reaches the masses via TV & theaters it’s dangerous.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Thank you – I keep hoping someone will find a flaw in my argument, because if I’m right it shows an alarming amount of propaganda in the research of pain and opioids.

      Science is supposed to be impartial!


  2. eullrich11

    I am SO SICK OF THIS BS!! Opioids have been safely used for THOUSANDS of years , and constipation is a drop in the bucket compared to Dimentia and brain damage (Gabapentin and Lyrica). It is plant-based,’and technically the same arguments being made for MMJ also apply to opioids!!

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      I agree completely. Humans evolved together with the plants that have medicinal value, so I think there’s some natural synergy. (Then again, chronic pain isn’t really a natural state either)

      I believe our bodies can make use of plant compounds like MMJ and opioids much better than chemical compounds newly assembled in a lab.


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