The BMJ Advocating AGAINST Drug-War

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) is advocating AGAINST the drug-war!

I found this so hard believe that I had to double and triple-check that I was really looking at the respected medical journal and not some fake site.

Instead, the Journal is documenting and publicizing the collateral damage of America’s globally-enforced prohibition of any and all mind-altering drugs (except alcohol and nicotine) in the face of mounting evidence of harm.

Such a sensible viewpoint/suggestion would never be published in the mainstream American medical journals – there’s way too much money being made from prohibition (by selling drugs, selling drug-tests, selling prison cells, selling recovery, selling pain patients to recovery by relabeling them as addicts, and selling out both pain patients and people with addiction to make a buck),  

The war on drugs | BMJ

The war on drugs has failed and The BMJ says it’s time for doctors “to lead calls for pragmatic reform informed by science and ethics.” 

Prohibition laws—which criminalise the production, supply, possession, and use of some drugs for non-medical purposes—cost at least $100bn annually but have failed to curb either supply or demand, reduce addiction, or minimise harm.

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Source: The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) is an international peer-reviewed medical journal and a fully online first publication. The website is updated daily with original articles, podcasts, videos, and blogs and organized into four main content streams—research, education, news and views, and campaigns. In addition, the site is fully searchable, with an archive back to 1840 and numerous topic collections on clinical and non-clinical subjects. Articles of relevance to specific countries and regions are grouped together on country portals.

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