Physicians ceded control of health care

Physicians ceded control of health care. It’s time to take it back | PHYSICIAN

This is such a truthful look at what’s happened to the practice of medicine that the author had to remain anonymous to protect themselves against punishment from the administrative powers that have taken over.

In the not-to-distant past, American health care was the gold standard.

It offered job satisfaction and autonomy, was financially rewarding and was considered by many to be the most honorable profession. But as we all know, over the last two decades, increasing health care costs and demands and increasing competition for insurance contracts have changed the face of medicine.

Metrics ranging from quality and safety (which are needed and were not a priority) to patient satisfaction, wait times, access, EMRs, decreased ancillary staff and revenue have changed the face of medicine. 

Long gone are the days of seeing one’s physician and making eye contact and getting to know the patient as a whole rather than a symptom.

Today, it’s all about money.

But who is making it? Doctors are now no more than employees of large corporations. However, unlike big business that promotes quality and gives appropriate compensation, medicine is now driven by volume only.

Medicine once deeply valued experience, but the meritocracy has vanished. Junior faculty can make more in salary than their own mentor by sheer volume alone.

While we weren’t looking, administrators decided that we work for them.

They don’t create. They don’t build. They do not provide the care that actually brings the revenue. 

They do not heal. Yet, they own us. If we raise our voices, we are threatened with replacement. We are dispensable. There are people waiting in the wings to take our place.

For those institutions that have adopted the RVU model — an acronym for relative value unit — a value is placed for each type of patient interaction.

We are placing a numeric value that is completely inconsistent with what we actually do. Who decided that a particular interaction was worth a particular value? 

RVUs were initially introduced to level the playing field across specialties, but some institutions pay different dollars per RVU depending on the specialty. We are talking about human beings often at one of their most vulnerable times and have put a value to that interaction as if all are equal.

We have allowed administrators to be our bosses rather than out facilitators, and they have often created nothing more than glorified sweatshops. We are told what our RVU targets are, if we want a lunch break we need to make up the 30 minutes or hour we take, not realizing we are always an hour or more behind anyway. Soon, we will clock in and out for bathroom breaks.

We want to look patients in the eye and learn more about them as individuals and not just their diagnosis code. We don’t want to be stressed about whether we are meeting an administrator’s assessment of what our revenue goal should be (after all, RVU targets are just a discrete way of saying how much money we need to bring in).

Medical students and residents are innocent bystanders in this new system. No value is being placed on training students and residents.

Keep in mind that the very people telling us this have never shadowed us. They have no idea what we do all day and into the evenings and weekends, calling patients with results, answering queries since we are now accessible 24/7 with EMR access and being honorable because patients come first. Patient-centric care. A beautiful, honorable goal. But at what cost?

He has this to say about the newly common term: physician burnout:

…it is not burnout, but physician abuse. Burnout implicates the physician as the cause rather than the victim. It lays blame on the person.

The pool of physicians willing to teach will dwindle as the demands increase and the support and value continue to be secondary.

Physicians have to band together and take back medicine.

It is our job. We do the work. We should be in control.

Not some administrators in their ivory towers who stand to make big bonuses off our sweat and threaten to easily replace us if we don’t adhere to their rules.

No one is indispensable, that is clear, but in health care, if the doctors aren’t doing the work, then who is? How will the institutions make their money? And more importantly, who will care for the patients?

We need to take back the profession only we know how to run. Ultimately the patients and the future doctors will benefit.

2 thoughts on “Physicians ceded control of health care

  1. Kathy C

    Physicians have been silenced. The Nurses Union tried to increase Staffing Levels at our hospitals, a serious and deadly problem. Not one Physician spoke up. This was a neutral, common sense issue, that would save lives, and help retain Nurses. The Physicians are impacted too, yet not one spoke up to support the Nurses. They are frightened, or they believe the Corporate Propaganda. they are not independent, those older Physicians are all retired. The ones that were Doctors when it was something more than disposable Corporate Employee. If they could not even speak up for their co workers or patients, they certainly would not question the “Opiate Epidemic.” The few that are still in Pain management are frightened. A few comments or a little “Fake News” could have angry villagers at the door of their Clinic or homes. The Corporate Media blamed them for the dead Drug Addicts, and the epidemic of despair.

    Our Politicians and Journalists repeated the same story line, even when it was found inaccurate. We are now in the Post fact era, the facts are no longer important. The Physicians have been silent for a while, afraid to stick their heads up even for Nurses. The few that repeat the popular narrative, were mostly Administrators, found that it was good of their bottom line. Pain is now a deniable Condition. The reason many people even seek out healthcare is now deniable. The Corporations were able to use the Opiate hysteria do deny postponed care, misdiagnosis, and Adverse Events. This is clever marketing and PR Scheme, designed to remove all accountability or oversight. People whose Insurance does not reimburse enough will be denied care, with no explanation. The Healthcare providers can now explain away any kind of Mistake. Any Patient that reports pain, can be alleged to be mentally ill if they persist. They can now avoid any Liability. There is no accountability anymore. Even the Government is nto allowed to track data that the industries found unprofitable. This is the new World Order people. This is about Profit not Healthcare.
    We really should be frightened. The Silence is not just about Pain Patients. This is about every aspect of Healthcare. This is about a plausible industry explanation for Adverse events, high Costs, and ineffectiveness. This is about ensuring Profitability, even with lower reimbursement rates. The Government Agencies that were supposed to track any of this are now directed by the Industry. The Industry told Congress that even Medicare attempting to track the Costs or Adverse Events, was “Government Overreach.” Even the Maternal and Infant Death Rates, are being mis-reported. The US has fallen far behind the rest of the developed world, for any kind of indicator, even the most basic of all. We are down the rabbit Hole, the Industry has been misleading the Public for a while now.
    They channeled the Outrage that should have been directed at the Industry to “those People. Corporate Media explained it all away. We can’t have decent healthcare because of ________ fill in the blanks. Poor People, the lazy, or even Drug Addicts. No one asked what did they do to improve any of this. There has not been any improvement in years. Physicians with their Medical School Debt are not allowed to speak up. They must repeat the Corporate Story Line, that the Corporate Media regurgitates.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      I completely agree: “This is about Profit not Healthcare.”

      I also believe the corporate takeover is to blame for 99% of our healthcare woes. The profit motive is in direct opposition to the principles of healthcare.

      Everything is measured in dollars and profit is the supreme directive now.



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