Best and Worst Science News Sites

Infographic: The Best and Worst Science News Sites | American Council on Science and Health – By Alex Berezow March 5, 2017

One thing experience has taught us is that some news outlets are better than others. Some journalists really do care about reporting the news as it is rather than the way they would like it to be. So, in an effort to promote good science news sources while castigating the bad, we teamed up with RealClearScience to create an infographic.

On the X-axis (from left to right), we rank sources by their fundamental trustworthiness.

  1. Media outlets in the green column produce scientific content that is based on evidence and is largely free of ideology.
  2. Sources in the red column, on the other hand, are driven by ideology and are characterized by lopsided reporting. Evidence plays little to no role for these outlets.

On the Y-axis (from top to bottom), we rank media outlets based on whether they are compelling sources of information.

  1. Outlets toward the top are of broad general interest and are well reported.
  2. Outlets toward the bottom are of limited interest or are poorly reported. (By “poorly reported,” we mean either the topic selection is dull or the content is mostly fluff or sensationalism.)



2 thoughts on “Best and Worst Science News Sites

  1. Emily Raven

    Vox should really be in the mixed basket by now from all the shoddy info I’ve seen about opiates out of them. They’re like Huffington with lots of random writers putting their opinions up. Nothing wrong with that per se but calling it cold hard news is kind of lying. Glad to see SOMEONE SOMEWHERE agrees with me on Mercola. I’m no stranger to concocting my own home remedies but that site is nothing but cookie cutter woo and I can’t take anyone seriously that uses it as a reference (unless the article itself has other references.)

    In general I think having so many drivel sites to stimulate people is a clever tactic to keep them from knowing what’s really going on. Kudos to the news conglomerates but none of those posted are ever truly unbiased, sadly. There isn’t enough demand for cold hard information without opinion and political soon anymore.

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