Call lawyers Morgan & Morgan and tell your story

» call MORGAN & MORGAN ..tell your story… refer to chronic pain patient class action PHARMACIST STEVE June 19, 2017 by Steve Ariens

 Chronic Pain Patients – Call Now
Morgan & Morgan Lawyers

Ask for the medical malpractice department.
Refer to chronic pain patient class action and tell your story. 

Pharmacist Steve is instigating a class-action lawsuit against opioid restrictions and he needs us to tell our stories to the lawyers.

Okay folks, I just hung up with the law firm Morgan & Morgan and they are forwarding my case to the appropriate attorneys for a class action within their firm.

They ask that the rest of you call as well to give your story and please refer to a chronic pain patient class action.

The number is 1-888-670-2630 PLEASE call immediately as it will take 3 weeks to review our case and respond to us. Hope you’re all having as pain-free day as possible!

[You] need to ask for the medical malpractice dept when they call.

It would be a medical malpractice class action based on the harm caused to us by the cdc guidelines and the doctors.

Take a look at  Pharmacist Steve’s website – there’s a lot of useful information:


7 thoughts on “Call lawyers Morgan & Morgan and tell your story

  1. Emily Raven

    I hope Lana can get me that email. I have literally 2 or 3 “phases” of medical abuse that span the last 4 years. Like the initial pain doctor taking me off and not caring that I was starving and bedbound and most recently having an ER tell me to go home and come back if I have a seizure “because it’s ok we can treat seizures” when I went in for withdrawal. leaving all that in a message would probably cause their machine to have a crisis. I really hope this is real and not another dead end.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      I do have some doubts, but any action is better than none at all.

      Plus, we are only responsible for our own action, while the results may turn out quite different. Even if all our calls don’t result in a real lawsuit, who knows how all our stories might be used eventually. At least they’re being collected in one place for now.

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      After two years, I doubt it. But it looks like more doctors are pushing back to point out that the government is interfering with the practice of medicine by qualified professionals.



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