Urgent: Comments Needed ASAP

The FDA is creating a training curriculum for doctors on opioid prescribing and they are following the addiction-recovery industry’s callous call for limits on opioids.

*** FDA Blueprint for Prescriber Education for Extended-Release and Long-Acting Opioids ***

The period for commenting ends, Monday, July 10, so you can write them until midnight Eastern Time.

Looking at the comments so far, I see many comments supporting the use of acupuncture instead of opioids. This is outrageous because acupuncture has no scientific basis and works only for some people in some situations.

I spent thousands on repeated treatments over many months and noticed absolutely no change anywhere in my body, even after adding suggested herbal teas, In retrospect, I feel like a fool.

Spending my limited funds (no insurance reimbursement) on such painful (needles hurt me) pain “treatments” and “herbals”  that included whole dried earthworms was a terrible waste of time, pain tolerance, and money.

Please, please, go to the site and add a comment supporting the use of opioids for pain.

It can be very short – just a sentence or two protesting these limits on opioids, but it will be counted as a “NO” on this proposal.


3 thoughts on “Urgent: Comments Needed ASAP

    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      In our current economy, many entities are trying to profit from human misery.

      They are not interested in solving the problem, just making money from it.


  1. Candi Simonis

    What these Government agencies are doing is fighting chronic pain disease patients. We use legitimate prescription medications for a disease. The crisis is that they are targeting CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS. Chronic pain is now the epidemic. We are being caterogized and descriminated against for a medication we require to reduce our pain. No other chronic disease patient is targeted for their use of a prescription medication.
    What about the good of opioid medications. They are lifesaving medications for millions of Americans who live in constant, debilitating, chronic pain.
    Though the number of prescribed opioids are down, the overdose deaths are “reportedly, at an all time high”. So this system is not working.
    When a death does occur, there is no specific testing as to what opioid drugs attibuted to the death. Whether there were other drugs or alcohol in the system, or whether the specific “medication” was for that individual, was it illegally manufactured heroin, fentynal or carfentynal.
    The misuse of medication by legitimate chronic pain disease patients is .02-.6 %. It is use of illegal opioids and misuse of legal opioid medications that lead to abuse by citizens.
    The FDA, DEA, CDC and all other Government agencies need to go after the illegal fentynal and heroin producers and manufacturers, also, methamphetamine, cocaine and all other illegal drugs. Addicts will always have the illegal drugs and find a way to get them.
    Why is it that our physicians are no longer able to Doctor us? Why is it that these agencies can now Doctor us and practice medicine without a medical license? What has happened to Doctor/patient confidentiality. It no longer excists. Pharmacists, insurance companies and these Government agencies are now able to decide what us patients actually need when it comes to our medications. They are policing our physicians. I believe it is up to our physicians to treat us adequately and humanely with medication, so many of us desperately need, for our disease.
    This targeting is wrong! It is discrimination against legitimate chronic pain disease patients who use our MEDICATION responsibly.
    Addicts will find and use the illegal drugs of their choice. We pain disease patients are not addicts, we are PATIENTS, with an incurable disease. Medications are readily available to us for our conditions, that happens to fall into the same category as the illegal drugs.

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