Could My Feet Be Causing [some of] My Chronic Pain?

Could My Feet Be Causing My Chronic Pain? – By Lisa Ellis – Apr 1017

Dr. Rothbart has an intriguing approach to foot pain, using insoles to shift the positioning of the foot to alter the signals it sends to the brain.

A healthy foot sends signals to the brain, which is used to regulate posture, says Brian A. Rothbart, DPM, PhD.

When the foot is structurally unstable, as in these two foot structures, the signals are distorted and bad posture results.

When the body is not properly aligned, it can cause related muscle and joint pain. 

Dr. Rothbart believes that the problems can be resolved using custom insoles to reset the signals to the brain, which in turn automatically corrects the posture. This will permanently eliminate the related pain.

The Foot/Chronic Pain Connection Quiz

To see if you are a good candidate for Dr. Rothbart’s therapy—or if you may have foot-related issues that could be contributing to your chronic pain—answer each question below. Keep track of the number of questions you answer with a “yes.”

I found many of Dr. Rothbart’s unusual questions applied to me and would probably apply to most of us with EDS.

Our tissue is often too lax preserve the structure of our feet, so our feet tend to “smash”, shaped by and shaping our particular posture.

___Look at the oldest pair of shoes in your closet with soft rubber heels. Are the heels worn unevenly?

___Do you have calluses on the bottom of your feet?.

___Do you have bunions?

___Do you have scoliosis (a condition that causes a severe curve of the spine)?.

These next questions seem to zero in on some of the more unusual symptoms of EDS.

___Do you have sporadic pains in different joints?

___Were you awkward or clumsy as a child?.

___Is your balance poor?

___Do you have crooked teeth?.

You can find the whole quiz and article here.

Learn More

If you answered yes to eight or more of the above questions, you may be a good candidate for Rothbart’s treatment approach.

This therapy, which can be conducted long-distance, takes 12-18 months to complete. The result can give you upright posture and reduce or completely eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain.

To learn more visit Dr. Rothbart’s website.

I was intrigued by Dr. Rothbart’s ideas and felt I might be able to use his help with the foot pain I have from a collapsed metatarsal arch.

But when I followed the link, I was disappointed to see Dr. Rothbart’s website called “Curing Chronic Pain” ( He grossly overestimates how much better posture can help chronic pain,

If our pain were so limited that fixing our posture eliminated it, we would certainly not be spending so much time, energy, and money looking for a way to ease our pain.

And then I saw a big link with the preposterous claim that:

There Is An Effective, Permanent Solution To Chronic Pain!

This is the kind of nonsensical headline we see in the supermarket checkout media all the time, suggesting that our pain can be “cured” just by “fixing” something about our body.

Hyperbolic headlines like this trivialize our serious, life-disrupting chronic pain and reduce it to a nuisance like the common “aches and pains” we all suffer periodically.

While I still think Dr. Rothbart’s ideas have merit and my feet would undoubtedly benefit from the insoles he designs, I’m disappointed that the Practical Pain Management publication is promoting a person making such preposterous claims.


1 thought on “Could My Feet Be Causing [some of] My Chronic Pain?

  1. Prof/Dr Brian A Rothbart

    Dear Lisa,

    As improbable as it might sound, the connection between postural distortions and the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain in compelling. In my clinical and research experience, many times the smallest changes result in the biggest improvements in clinical symptoms. Improving posture to eliminate chronic pain is but one example.

    On my patient website, I have published nearly 50 reports from patients who have undergone postural therapy to address their chronic pain.

    with regards,
    Professor Rothbart

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