What a Doctor With Chronic Illness Wants People to Know

12 Things a Doctor With Chronic Illness Wants People to Know | The Mighty – Feb 2017 – 

I’ve written this article to help educate those who want to learn about chronic illness.

It is written from my perspective, that of a doctor who treated patients with chronic illness for many years, and who spent five years of my life homebound due to chronic illness.

I want to spread awareness so that friends, family, employers, coworkers, and health care professionals can better understand chronic illness.  

My hope is that an increase in awareness will help strengthen relationships, reduce misunderstandings, and improve support systems for those with chronic illness.

About Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is a disease, condition, or injury that can last years or a lifetime and is typically not curable, though in some cases it may go into remission.

It can vary in its severity, with some people able to work and live active or seemingly “normal” lives; while others are very sick and may even be homebound.

Then the author goes on to talk about these 12 aspects of having a chronic illness:

  1. Nobody wants to feel sick.
  2. Many doctors don’t understand chronic illness.
  3. Being unable to work is not a vacation.
  4. Chronic illness can trigger many emotions.
  5. The symptoms of chronic illness are very complex.
  6. Chronic illness fatigue is much more than being tired.
  7. Pain is a common symptom in those with chronic illness.
  8. Brain fog is extremely frustrating.
  9. There is a greater risk of dangerous infections.
  10. Certain foods can aggravate symptoms.
  11. Sensitivity to smells is common.
  12. It takes a lot of effort to manage chronic illness

Original article: 12 Things a Doctor With Chronic Illness Wants People to Know

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