It’s Good, Universal

With so much bad news all around, it’s hard to avoid sinking into despondency. So here’s a fresh and unconventional verse about finding some brighter spots to avoid a fall into the pit of darkness.

It’s Good, Universal By DREW5000G

Some times the life you live showers you with wondrous gifts

Sometimes your heart  just insists, and your being feels awash with bliss.

Happiness comes sparingly in these times,   

Hard finding the right balance like the Swiss. So if I find I know what it is.

This is it, every time I wake up I receive gifts.

Not gonna say I don’t deserve it cos its obvious that I must. My reward is just.

The last week gone by, I swear if I lie may I die, every thing has gone my way.

Its like I am going through some good times. I am earning all my truths for my crimes.

Its like I got magic in my rhymes, songs singing in my head all the time. Feel so fine.

Its my time. Its my time. The universe where I grew as a child, stars whizzing past my head as I glide, I shine, they shine the universe is all mine.

Don’t be afraid to live the life you should, recognise what is good, and what is not.

Don’t overthink stuff and tie yourself in knots, its hard to get out, but you should.

The universe is good. Rewards will come no matter what, give it all you got life is good.

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