Cleveland Clinic’s Abhorrent Tx of Pain Patients

The Cleveland Clinic’s Abhorrent Treatment of Chronic Pain Patients After Pain Management Practice Abruptly Closed | Starvin Larry – November 24, 2017

I’ve found that clinics like this are world-famous mainly due to past professionalism, but they’ve now turned into shills for all kinds of “integrative” and “alternative” treatments. (See Mainstream Medicine Smitten by Hocus-Pocus.) They don’t seem to believe that chronic pain requires any medical, scientifically proven, treatment at all.

On Oct. 20th,2017 the Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care/Dr. Jerome Yokiel was shut down with zero notice to patients.

Every single Cleveland Clinic Dr refused to help those who had been on pain meds for a decade or more.  

As soon as they heard who our Dr was,every single one of Dr. Yokiels patients was told they didn’t need pain meds.

The Dr. who runs Cleveland Clinic’s pain management at Euclid hospital denied every one of Dr. Yokiel’s patients any help at all. Their position was and is-“no one dies from opiate withdrawls”.

I know for a fact-because I was his patient myself-that Dr. Yokiel obtained my medical records, ordered new MRI, and documented the multiple reasons that long term opiate pain meds were the only way to control my chronic pain. He did the same for every patient.

I went to a Cleveland Clinic ER when I was about 70 hours into withdrawls-I wussed out and couldn’t take the pain any longer.

That was a bad idea-I got maybe 8 hours of relief,then the withdrawls came back even worse.

lied and claimed I was getting prescritptions from multiple Dr’s.

Ohio has a statewide computer database that tracks every prescription for controlled substances-(OARRS)-for the entire 11 1/2 years I was a pain mgt patient-every prescription came from Dr. Yokiels office-with the exception of post surgical meds which Dr Yokiel was aware of and agreed was the proper med to add to what I was already taking,and one prescription for an acute injury from falling on ice-which was also written with prior approval from Dr. Yokiel’s office.

The whole point of the pain mgt contract and the urine tests is to weed out the drug seekers-it works I saw a whole lot of people get kicked out of the pain mgt program over the years. I never had a bad urine test over those 11+ years.

Thousands of us were just cut off of meds we had been on for over a decade-because we had documented medical reasons to be put on long term opiate pain meds- with no notice,no warning

I’m 99% sure the DEA shut the practice down using the sleazy policy they enacted to lower the number of prescriptions written for pain meds.

Every pain mgt Dr writes 2 meds for patients,one time release,the other instant release to take in between the time release med,when pain “breaks through”.

The DEA decided that docs writing prescriptions for opiates for breakthrough pain was how they were going to shut down Dr’s prescribing pain meds-assholes.

DEA claims that by writing prescriptions for opiates for “breakthrough pain” pain mgt Dr’s were prescribing the meds for “off label” use. WTF?

This is our government at work-people overdosing and dying from heroin and fentanyl-but hey,we’re taking pain meds away from those who actually need them,so we are fighting the overhyped by the media”opioid epidemic”

It’s none of the fucking DEA’s business what a Dr. prescribes for his or her patients-as long as the Dr documents the reason-the DEA needs to stay the fuck out of people’s health care.

Original article: The Cleveland Clinic’s Abhorrent Treatment of Chronic Pain Patients After Pain Management Practice Abruptly Closed 

10 thoughts on “Cleveland Clinic’s Abhorrent Tx of Pain Patients

      1. gamegetterII

        I contacted 60 pain clinics/pain mgt Dr’s-as soon as they heard who old Dr was not one would accept me.
        Plus-I still haven’t got my medical records from clinic/Dr that was shut down-and I hand delivered the release form mid Nov ’17.

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        1. Zyp Czyk Post author

          What a mess – I can’t believe how careless the medical system is with the treatment of pain.

          Many doctors seem to believe the current media hype that pain isn’t a “real” medical problem and doesn’t need treatment at all.

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        2. Krista

          Here’s what it all comes down to….. every single doctor took an oath to do no harm to a patient and to try and help the patient as best as possible and that old is not being followed by all of them .
          There are a lot of doctors today that refuse to prescribe opioids even when you have told them you fried everything else you’re miserable and that’s all that’s left and it’s their personal opinion that is getting in the way of them doing what is right for the patient . And the government and the DEA have just come in and started threatening you know the doctors and everything and those doctors who know that they’re not doing anything wrong they are taking care of their patients how they see fit in there keeping them comfortable with opioids if that is the only thing that is helping . And they’re not over prescribing and so the DEA in the government don’t scare those doctors I admit good doctors who are willing to take their time with you and not throw you away and take your suggestions and when they ask you what you have done that has helped your pain they want you to be honest with them even if pain medications have been the only thing . If you establish a good honest relationship with your doctor, you will always be able to maintain that honest relationship and you’ll respect one another even more. Doctors that just discharge patients to have one you know in fraction and they’ve been there three or four years those doctors are not good but they’re scared if they take a second chance. Because of the DEA in the government flexing their muscles Those doctors who truly care about their patients and are gonna do for their patients what they feel is right and what has worked for their patients are not going to give a damn about the government and the DEA coming in and cracking down on them


    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      That only makes a strange story stranger. I feel for sympathetic doctors who are now in the DEA crosshairs for helping people in serious pain.

      Honestly, I don’t know, what I’d do as a doctor when my livelihood and the whole rest of my life are at stake…and my family…and my loves ones…

      I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to keep prescribing under these conditions. It does seem like meticulous documentation could be a bulwark, but government actions aren’t really very sensible these days.


      1. Krista

        Whoa!! 60??? That’s a lot. Here’s 3 that you can try if they weren’t a part of that 60 you already called . Lol.
        Jamesetta Lewis A.T. Mercy
        Dr. Brenden Astley A.T. Metro Health
        Dr. Michael Rivera Weiss in Canton

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  1. Krista keller

    The Cleveland Clinic although a great hospital do not go there for Pain Management . They don’t care if you’ve been on pain medicine for years and years and years and you had to kind of pick a doctor quick because you needed your prescriptions refilled they will not do it been there done that and I told him what I thought of them. University hospital doctors same thing they don’t want to prescribe narcotics well then they’re really not interested in investing their time to help you with their pain now are they . The doctors who truly take their time with you they look at your records when you bring them in to them they see you’ve been on your no narcotics for a while and they take it into consideration and they ask you a bunch of questions … they say they just might be worth it worth staying a few months Dr. Mark Allen was my mom’s pain management doctor for 10 years . She absolutely loved him because he took his time with her he looked through her records and he wasn’t afraid to up her pain medicines when he saw that she wasn’t as per as talkative one appointment or she look like she was in pain even though when she said she wasn’t . I unfortunately have the same exact condition that my mom suffered from for many years and she went in for an appointment and he could tell something was wrong so she explained to him and he said well let’s bring her in here and I’ll take a look at her records and if there’s anything that I can suggest to the doctor she’s seeing right now I will . My mom dreaded going to another pain physician because she knew nobody was going to be Dr. Alan he referred her to Dr. and specifically told him you’ll not to change what he had her on rt. then because he and my mom at home and worked long time to get her medications perfect. time of Dr. suspension they had it perfect. I didn’t hear that he had changed any of her medications but she wasn’t with him for that long. She said the staff was always rude he was just not personable so she was only with a year. The Dr. Mark Allen’s of the pain management are out there, but they are few and far between . They’re not scared of the government either coming down in the DEA breaking down their door either just because they prescribe pain medications they do what’s right for the patient and then they work with you and take all of your records in the consideration and the conditions that you have i’ve been in Pain Management 17 years now and am only taking 40mg of methadone! I’de say that’s pretty good considering my condition has drastically changed and the 40 mg isn’t working anymore
    Luckily I’m happy with Dr. Brenden Astley and his nurse practitioner Carlisle Washington . They are at Metro health

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  2. Krista Keller

    Still not wanting to take responsibility for their very poor judgement by blaming the DEA . Those patients had been on those medications for a long time problem with them least Cleveland clinic‘s pain staff could have done was to provide them with at least a weeks worth two weeks worth of medicine and they did not do that . And this ,”no one dies from with drawls”comment makes me even sicker staff if anyone of those patients one Xanax CNX you can die from my job from Xanax . None of the staff members have ever had to go through with drawl so they don’t understand it because if they did and if they took a good hard look at what that doctor did to them and Ann said you know what yeah that that is not acceptable but they are just as guilty for not doing what was best for those patients at that time!!! Take some goddamn accountability !!!
    My views of the pain management staff at the Cleveland clinic will never be good ones



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