CDC Top 10 Causes of death 2016

Is the CDC trying to hide the enormous scale of suicides lately?

By splitting up the total suicides by method – firearm, suffocation, or poisoning – the numbers are far smaller. Even the three-way split still ranks them all in the top 10 causes of death.

If they counted all the methods together, which would make much more sense,  the total of 41,278 suicides would rank as the 2nd  leading cause of deaths.

That’s a sad reflection on life in the US – so bad that so many cannot tolerate it anymore. They are willing to give up life itself to escape what has literally become unbearable.  

Suicides by pain patients denied opioid pain relief are becoming more common too, but no one is counting those. The irony is that if they have opioids in their bodies when they die, they will be counted as another “Unintentional Poisoning” (usually overdose), which adds their deaths to the very number being used to justify denying their opioids.

The CDC now has a history of publishing “doctored” data to obscure the reality they don’t want citizens to see. They do the same with opioid overdoses when they split them up into overdoses by “synthetic opioids” or “natural”.

Who cares whether the opioid that killed them was natural or synthetic? The “synthetic opioids” usually refer to illicit fentanyl, but the CDC chooses not to make this distinction.

If they were using useful and meaningful categories like “illicit & counterfeit” versus “prescribed”, the numbers would clearly show that the vast majority of  “Unintentional Poisoning” deaths are overdoses of illicit fentanyl,

Prescribed opioids (taken by the person they are prescribed for) are no longer a significant part of the overdose numbers, but that fact is obscured.

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