Chronic Pain and Suicide: a Deadly Link

It is becoming more and more obvious and even studies and publicly recognized that the forced reduction of opioid doses for pain patients are causing suicides.

Here are several recent posts on this topic:

PubMed studies from the NIH

Psychogenic pain

Treat pain to prevent suicides


3 thoughts on “Chronic Pain and Suicide: a Deadly Link

  1. peter jasz

    Twenty-first century, 2018 to be exact : Astonishing discoveries in sciences. Yet we cannot see, hear or feel the cries of those suffering so needlessly -inexplicably?
    It’s simply incomprehensible.
    The patient suffering, unimaginable.

    It’s clear that in such deadly matters, people (with understanding support groups) must take matters in their own hands; find what’s imperative (for life), get it and pray that some sensible sentiment shall rule, so no one has to suffer -ever again.
    Instead of reaching out to those in such desperate need -society (legislators/physicians -in North America anyway) throw them to the lions ?
    And we wonder why we have such social ‘miscue’ pandemics nation-wide? Seriously?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Those responsible for the suffering of patients (and those lost to suicide) by restricting/refusing adequate pain measures is a Crime Against Humanity.
    All responsible should be charged -and sentenced accordingly. What disgraceful social policy.
    It’s disturbing beyond comprehension. Shame, shame shame, those so in power.

    peter jasz

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