Wealthy, motivated by greed, more likely to cheat

I’m furious and disgusted about how the corporate pursuit of short-term profit, unrestrained by ethics or social needs or long-term consequences, is controlling our healthcare.

The dark underside of corporate wealth is the condition of the workers who create the corporation’s success. Working in the jobs the rich create, there are multitudes who work just as long and hard and don’t get rich. They labor in dangerous and dirty jobs for endless hours, under far worse conditions. Often they barely get paid while some C-suite guy running the corporation committing these abuses gets millions in bonuses.

And all those rich people with all their advantages aren’t even nice:

Instead of looking up to rich people as “self-made” heroes, I know they are actually just lucky when all their skills and preparation meet an opportunity they can take advantage of. Without that luck, they’d just be “commoners” like the rest of us.

1 thought on “Wealthy, motivated by greed, more likely to cheat

  1. canarensis

    Hear, hear! I’ve often wondered why in the world people are so keen to lionize people who “got ahead” by lying, cheating, stealing, & trampling others underfoot…especially in a country that claims to be so “Christian.” I don’t recall Christ kicking the poor & unfortunate in the teeth & stealing their pitiful pennies, or telling the rich fat cats that God loves them best. Rather the exact opposite, in fact.

    Even if one completely leaves all religion out of it, what’s so moral & admirable about greedy, selfish, sh*theads?



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