Review of HHS Report on Pain Mgmt Best Practices

This major report is long and detailed, so I covered most of it in three long posts:

  1. HHS Report on Pain Mgmt Best Practices – part 1
  2. HHS Report on Pain Mgmt Best Practices – part 2
  3. HHS Report on Pain Mgmt Best Practices – part 3


If you’re interested in a particular section of the report, below is the full article outline with links to each section:  

1.    Introduction

2.    Clinical Best Practices

2.1    Approaches to Pain Management

2.1.1 Acute Pain

2.2    Medication

2.2.1 Risk Assessment

2.2.2 Overdose Prevention Education and Naloxone

2.3    Restorative Therapies

2.4    Interventional Procedures

2.4.1 Perioperative Management of Chronic Pain Patients

2.5    Behavioral Health Approaches

2.5.1 Access to Psychological Interventions

2.5.2 Chronic Pain Patients With Mental Health and Substance Use Comorbidities

2.6    Complementary and Integrative Health

2.7    Special Populations

2.7.1 Unique Issues Related to Pediatric Pain Management

2.7.2 Older Adults

2.7.3 Unique Issues Related to Pain Management in Women

2.7.4 Pregnancy

2.7.5 Chronic Relapsing Pain Conditions

2.7.6 Sickle Cell Disease

2.7.7 Health Disparities in Racial and Ethnic Populations, Including African-Americans, Latinos, American Indians, and Alaska Natives

2.7.8 Military Personnel and Veterans

  1.      Cross-Cutting Clinical and Policy Best Practices

3.1    Stigma

3.2    Education

3.2.1 Public Education

3.2.2 Patient Education

3.2.3 Provider Education

3.3    Access to Pain Care

3.3.1 Medication Shortage

3.3.2 Insurance Coverage for Complex Management Situations

3.3.3 Workforce

3.3.4 Research

  1.      Review of the CDC Guideline



8 thoughts on “Review of HHS Report on Pain Mgmt Best Practices

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Thanks for the kudos! Only another research-oriented person would know how much work this is.

      I’m currently working on another topic involving reams of study articles: anti-NGF factors for pin – a dangerous foray into alterations of many-faceted, multi-functional biochemical factors, in my opinion. I’ll be curious what you think when I post it.


      1. louisva

        And it takes someone like me to throw his hands up and say WHAT? It took me two tries to get thru a basic course on statistics – long forgotten now. I’ll have to rely on you and Red Lawhorne for that (smile).

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Patricia Kendrick

    I like to report a doctor the leave drug test in the restroom I had 2 surgery in my neck and low back and I lost my meds because it was tampered with I don’t want it to happen to someone else it’s not right that i have to suffer because the person tampered with my drug test I need my meds back I’m hurting all the time


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