Medicare: Where to send your healthcare complaints

QIO Program: Beneficiary and Family Centered Care – Quality Improvement Organizations – a PDF document for people on Medicare

Here is an organization to whom you can direct your complaints about the lack of pain management and abandonment of care.

Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) Program

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ QIO Program is one of the largest federal programs dedicated to improving health quality at the community level.

This network of experts in quality improvement…

…but not pain management improvement…  

  works in partnership with Medicare beneficiaries and their families, providers, communities and health care stakeholders in every setting in which care is delivered.

About Beneficiary and Family Centered Care – QIOs

Beneficiary and Family Centered Care-Quality Improvement Organizations (BFCC-QIOs) help people who have Medicare exercise their right to highquality health care by:

  • Managing all complaints and quality of care reviews to ensure consistency in the review process
  • Handling all cases in which Medicare patients want to appeal a health care provider’s decision to discharge them from the hospital or discontinue other types of services
  • Using the Immediate Advocacy process to resolve complaints quickly
  • Providing Healthcare Navigation services

Beneficiary experiences, both good and bad, give the QIO Program the perspective to identify opportunities for improvement, develop solutions that address the real needs of patients, and inspire action by health professionals.

Healthcare Navigation Program

BFCC-QIOs are helping people with Medicare coordinate their health care, connecting them and caregivers with resources, and providing support to better understand the health care system.

Patients and their families and caregivers are often on their own when it comes to coordinating needed health care.

This can be a stressful task, especially for those who are not familiar with how the healthcare system works.

…especially for those who don’t know that opioids are no longer considered a valid medication for chronic pain.

I can’t guarantee any action or even response from this agency, but I believe they are required to at least document the reports they receive from us.

2 thoughts on “Medicare: Where to send your healthcare complaints

  1. leejcaroll

    Thanks for the info. Have to say I reported a dr who was essentially double billing. I was seeing him for neuropathic pain, He is a psychiatrist but was not seeing me for therapy. nevertheless he billed, more then once, for 35 minutes medical and 25 psychiatric in the same appointment. I sent a complaint to medicare and they said oh wrong charge thank you I sent in complaint agin they said we asked him for the records, he didnt comply so he wont get reimburse for those 3 appointments. I have never had a problem with medicare been on it over 40 yrs (cause of my disability from the pain) but apparently making complaints is a whole ‘nother matter.



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