The Other Side of Opioids – YouTube

The Other Side of Opioids – YouTube

Here is a mainstream media outlet that’s bucking the opioid BS trend and reporting the truth about our desperate situation – which has nothing to do with the rising rates of overdose deaths from opioids or anything else people can get their hands on.

LAS VEGAS – Nightly newscasts across the country are filled with stories about the opioid epidemic — the opioid crisis. Tens of thousands of Americans who die each year are found with opioids in …

This 45 minute video is a year old and has received 175,000 downloads. It is still current and very pertinent, as the HHS Task Force on Best Practices in Pain Management draws together its recommendations to Congress.

It’s wonderful to see that our story is reaching so many people. I just hope they’re not all other pain patients, but perhaps people that might never have seen this other “painful” side of the supposed “opioid crisis”.

Several medical professionals [who have real life experience with both pain management and addiction -zyp]

  • Dr Kertesz,
  • Michael Schatman, Ph.D.,
  • Dr Tennant,
  • Dr Laird,
  • retired pharmacist Rick Martin,
  • and others

have contributed to this story.

THIS is the consequence of vast over-regulation and over-restriction on the only class of medications that work to alleviate pain for millions of people.

From Richard A “Red” Lawhern PhD, Director of Research, Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain  – @theatipusa

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