Over-Restricting Pills = More Deaths

Dear PROP/CDC, Here’s What Happens When You Over-Restrict Pills: More Deaths. Nice Going. – By Josh Bloom — Dec 2018

If Shakespeare were alive today he would be hard-pressed to come up with a script that could match the tragedy that has been imposed on this country by

  • self-appointed drug experts,
  • bureaucrats,
  • self-serving politicians, and
  • various other fools.

It’s that bad. And it was largely preventable.  

So, let’s all congratulate the CDC for sticking its nose where it should not have been and the Physicians Responsible for Opioid Prohibition (PROP) for creating a mess that we will not be getting out of anytime soon.

A new report from in the December 12th National Vital Statistics Reports (NVSR) confirms what patient pain advocates and I have been saying all along – that we’ve been fighting the wrong war (against prescription opioid analgesics) and, in doing so, managed to screw two things up at the same time.

  1. Pain patients are suffering
  2. More people, not fewer, are dying

In 2011 (Table 1), there were 41,340 overdose deaths from all drugs – legal, illegal, prescription, and over the counter. Oxycodone was the primary cause of OD deaths (5,587, 13.5% of total). But a closer look at Table 1 reveals some interesting facts.

Table 1. The 15 drugs responsible for most overdose deaths in 2011. Source: National Vital Statistics Reports

A closer look at Table 1 (I added the notes in color) reveals some interesting trends. Although oxycodone leads the pack with 5,587 deaths, illegal drugs, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, killed twice as many people (and alcohol killed 80,000).

The number for heroin is almost certainly too low, probably by a lot. This is because heroin is rapidly metabolized to morphine, so someone who died from a heroin overdose will also test positive for morphine.

This is part of what causes “opioid deaths” from heroin to be wrongly classified as a prescription opioid death from morphine.

Since people on the street generally, don’t inject themselves with morphine, it is plausible that most of the morphine overdoses were actually from heroin.

It is virtually impossible to kill yourself with Valium alone. In a case study, a woman who tried to commit suicide took 2,000 mg of the drug – the equivalent of 400 five milligram pills and walked out of the hospital two days later. (See Can Valium Kill You?).

Now, let’s take a look at the same data for 2016 (Table 2). The changes are startling.

Table 2. Overdose deaths from the 15 most common drugs. Note that adding the percentages results in a number considerably higher than 100. Likewise, adding the number of deaths gives a number greater than 63,632. This is because when multiple drugs are involved they are all counted. The term “fentanyl deaths” almost always means “illicit fentanyl and its analogs, not prescriptions patche

In Table 2, the damage of six years of bad policy becomes evident.

Despite a 25% reduction in opioid prescriptions during that time, 22,292 (54%) more people died from drug overdoses, despite the fact that the number of OD deaths from oxycodone (Percocet) and hydrocodone (Vicodin) remained essentially unchanged.

Note that the number of deaths from diphenhydramine (Benadryl) isn’t terribly different from the number from Vicodin. Are we having a “Benadryl Crisis?”

And even crazier – look at gabapentin (Neurontin, yellow arrow). Neurontin is being used like crazy (mostly off-label) as an alternative to opioids. Except it doesn’t work. But it managed to creep into the Top 15 list.

Yet, despite this overwhelming evidence, we still hear crap like this:

“When you talk about opioid pain medicines, we’re essentially talking about heroin pills.”

No, Andrew, we’re not.

The false narrative of prescriptions doing the killing persists despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The longer it persists, more pain patients will suffer and more people will die. These charts are not lying.

Too bad I can’t say the same about others.

5 thoughts on “Over-Restricting Pills = More Deaths

  1. peter jasz

    Thanks for sharing such illuminating and startling facts/data.

    Here’s the problem: Before the ‘Illegal Drug Crisis’ was launched, “they” knew exactly what the consequences would be. And simply couldn’t care less.

    That men/women in medical (& legal) professions did NOT band together in effort to literally save patients who are suffering unimaginably in constant agony may in fact be the worst offenders of all.

    peter jasz

    Liked by 1 person

  2. canarensis

    I keep wondering how far the claimed # of people dead from ODs is from the actual # of people who died, given that they count an OD as dying as many times as the # of drugs in their system (did that make sense? If someone dies with heroin, morphine, & cocaine in their system, they are tallied as 3 OD deaths…giving us the really interesting spectacle of people dying multiple times). As far as I’ve been able to determine, no one actually parses out actual # of people dead from the “#” of ODs. Since most ODs have multiple substances, the actual number of dead people is probably much, much lower than they’re claiming.

    But of course, the likelihood of the CDC putting out anything resembling truth about any aspect of the opioid “crisis” (including the fact that it’s a completely manufactured crisis) is about as high as me winning the PowerBall. And they just can’t admit that more people die from falling off toilets or whatever than the “biggest health crisis in history.”

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    1. Zyp Czyk Post author

      Yes, the CDC is counting each drug they find in an overdose as another death, so that’s what makes the numbers so high. PROP (Kolodny) and the CDC must have had great fun thinking up this scheme to create a panic that would lead to a terrific money-making opportunity for the addiction-recovery industry.

      I can’t believe any decent honest person would have agreed to count deaths this way and I’m shocked that not one person in, around, or above the agency ever questioned this crazy “accounting” of deaths. When it comes to drugs, people just seem to lose their sanity (unless it’s a prescription drug with an astronomical price tag that’s making someone rich – then they say it’s a wonder drug and everyone should take it)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. canarensis

        Too, too true. The teeny tiny pico-speck of hope I have left in human nature is whispering that surely SOMEone at the CDC didn’t like that method of counting…& they got suppressed, one way or another.

        As far as PROP & He Who Must Not Be Named, I imagine Joseph Goebbels is applauding him madly, down there in Hell, for the effectiveness of his propaganda campaign, & probably taking notes just in case he gets a chance to go around again.

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