Curbing Rx opioids will have little effect on overdoses

Curbing Rx opioids will have little effect on overdoses – comments from Stefan Kertesz on Twitter @StefanKertesz – Feb 2019

I previously posted about the study that just came out which estimates the future trajectory of the “opioid crisis” and finds little use for restricting legitimate prescriptions:  Study: Limiting opioid Rx won’t reduce overdose deaths

1/With 3% of overdose deaths (9 of 269) in Jefferson Cty, Alabama due to prescription opioids, there is a limit to how many lives are going to be saved by extending the 7 year decline in Rx, as underscored in a new study by ⁦@LarochelleMarc⁩

2/the new @JAMANetworkOpen paper properly asssumed a reduction in nonmedical use of Rx opioids since that reduction is already happening. The first problem is that other factors such as what opioids people start with & lethality of the illicit market dominate death rates

3/we have found the “limits of prescription control” – my article with @AJ_Gordon in @AddictionJrnl is free online here

Previously posted: The Limits of Prescription Control.

Opioid Rx now 19% down from 2006. Time to embrace a better approach to addiction care and Rx risk mitigation.

4/It is not just that our Rx control regime has fallen short in saving lives, it has entailed tacit acceptance of neglect and harm to Americans who do receive opioids: now reported & condemned by many: @AmerMedicalAssn @hrw @FoxNews

Previously posted: Human Rights Watch Investigating U.S. Pain Treatment

5/I am happy to have co-authored a brand new consensus article on challenges in the implementation of the 2016 @CDCgov Guideline on Prescribing #opioids, including many who are not always seen as being on the same “side”.

Previously posted: Problems with CDC Guideline Implementation

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