Pharmacy tells doctors how to practice medicine

I’m shocked at how imperious this pharmacy is, sending a form letter to doctors, casually overruling professional medical judgment about individuals’ doses and demanding that certain patients be tapered to an arbitrary number.

They are practicing population health on individuals, which is completely inappropriate and often gets confused. (see ‘Population-Based,’ Meet ‘Patient-Centered)

They have little concern for prescribers and outright contempt for patients who have to take opioids. They steamroller over any doctor who dares to prescribe more than these absurdly inappropriate “standard limits”. Imagine if they restricted other medications like this…

This pharmacy is effectively “diagnosing by dictate”: according to them, patients now only have “pain that does not require more than 90MME/day”, no matter how many MMEs they were using (and need) to make their individual pain bearable.

The patient is completely depersonalized, distilled to a single number, milligrams of opioids, that no one wants to touch for fear of the DEA.

Why isn’t the AMA up in arms over this? or any of the other intrusions of business and standards into our medical care?

They used to sue alternative medicine practitioners for daring to practice medicine without a license, which seems less egregious than dictating the patient’s specific treatment. (the same alternative treatments are now recommended)

Other thoughts?

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