Are WHO Pain Tx Guidelines just Purdue Marketing?

Lawmakers contend WHO pain treatment guidelines are really Purdue ‘marketing materials – By ED SILVERMAN @Pharmalot MAY 22, 2019 – (article at” accessible only through subscription to StatPlus)

Just the two first paragraphs of visible preview are astonishing and so infuriating that I’ll just leave you with these two:

Two  lawmakers are urging the World Health Organization to rescind guidelines issued nearly a decade ago for treating pain because they contain “dangerously misleading” and sometimes “outright false claims” about the safety and effectiveness that were orchestrated by Purdue Pharma.

In a new report, the lawmakers contend that the WHO guidelines, which were released in 2011 and 2012, are “serving as marketing materials for Purdue.” And they pointed to efforts by the company to create and fund front groups that participated in research that shaped WHO decision making – and dovetailed with corporate goals to boost use of opioids, such as its own OxyContin pill.

8 thoughts on “Are WHO Pain Tx Guidelines just Purdue Marketing?

  1. Kathy C

    They are pulling out all of the alternative facts. They don’t like the WHO anyway. All of those rules about torture, healthcare, and incarcerating children. During the Civil War, they did surgery without anesthesia, and used alcohol for the pain of amputations. In war zones and torture chambers across the world, no one gets pain relief.

    On the bright side,
    Oh Yeah, and another over hyped misleading study on rodents
    “New opioid speeds up recovery without increasing pain sensitivity or risk of chronic pain”

    Who knew that mice could talk.
    “ZH853 diminished the amount of time in pain versus morphine in all tests,” said study first author Amy Feehan, PhD, a Tulane neuroscience graduate student. “This was an unexpected and unprecedented finding considering that opioids are known to increase and prolong many types of pain.” There is no evidence that Morphine increases or prolongs any pain, but the media, and a bunch of self proclaimed experts claimed that was true.

    They won’t tell us how many of the rats were euthanized.

    “Drug injections for rats were given as described previously through intrathecal (i.t.) catheters [11, 12, 19]. Before drug dosing, rats with i.t. catheters underwent lidocaine testing to determine successful placement of the catheter. After a 10 μl injection of lidocaine followed by 12 μl of streptokinase (to maintain catheter patency), rats with properly placed catheters develop rapid but transient bilateral paralysis and recover in fewer than 5 min. Rats who did not recover or respond were immediately euthanized.”

    The rest of the animal torture is too gruesome to read. It sounds really sciency though, they can sure tell a lot with a tail flick. It is amazing the poor creatures could respond to any painful stimulus after the intrathecal IV. They must leave that part up to interpretation. They also gave the poor things Naltrexone, which would of course increase pain.

    They are getting meaner and meaner, The only thing this study shows is that with determination and deception they can get a desired outcome.


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    1. dan bolger

      Disgusting people.
      Maybe Kolodny’s cousins? Sure got the torturing on innocents and a philosophy built on made up stats and lies.

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      1. Kathy C

        We already know they can justify almost anything. I had a pet rat when I was a child, he was smarter than a lot of people.

        They pick the statistics and lies they like!

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